Announcing Tonido Release 2.31

This is a patch release for Sync issues found in the last beta as well as some other general fixes. We recommend upgrading to this release.

We also recommend upgrading your Tonido Sync clients running on your other computers to this version.

Tonido Sync

  • Fix “Quota exceeded” messages under some conditions
  • Added “Sync” in home page
  • Added “My Synced Files” in the Tonido Navigation tree if “Sync” is installed
  • Show Sync Activity and Sync Status in “My Synced Files”


Tonido Sync Client Updates

  • Support for HTTPS (SSL) connections
  • Add “Check for New Version” option to check if there is a newer version
  • Fix missing dependencies on Linux installer

Other Fixes

  • Improved transcoding performance in TonidoPlug
  • Fixed IE9 WebsharePro Upload button not appearing issue
  • Fixed Tonido UI navigation issue when left hand side doesn’t have a folder listing that right hand side shows.
  • Other minor fixes

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