Announcing Tonido Personal Cloud Sync

It has been about 2 years since the launch of Tonido and TonidoPlug and it has been a period of solid growth and progress in many fronts. One of the key things we have been doing is listening to your feedback and using that to drive our product development strategy.

CodeLathe as a company strongly believes in empowering customers as well in solutions where the user has ultimately the control on their data. Today, we are more than excited to announce one such feature as part of the already strong Tonido Platform. Tonido already offers smooth and simple remote access to your files and media, today we take it one step further allowing Tonido to be your sync solution that keeps your files completely private.

CodeLathe is happy to announce Tonido Sync, one of the first products of its kind, offering file synchronization without using the Public Cloud. Now sync is truly personal.


So exactly how does it work?


Step 1:

Install Tonido on your computer. Install the Sync Application by clicking on “Get More Apps” on the left hand side navigation. After install, activate the Sync app.


After activation, a new TonidoSync folder is created on your computer or TonidoPlug.

To see the location of your synced folder, open Tonido and in the left hand navigation, you should now see the “My Synced Files” show up.


Step 2:

Go to other computers that you want to synchronize and install the small TonidoSync Client app for your OS, available from the Downloads Page. (available for Windows, Linux or Mac).



After install, start the app and enter the Tonido server credentials, same as what you would do for mobile apps.


A new TonidoSync folder is created on your computer.

Step 3:

There is no step 3!

Sit back and Relax. All content in the TonidoSync folder is now synchronized among all your computers.  Just drag and drop your files to the synchronization folder and it is synchronized with all your computers.

You can check the synchronization activity using the TonidoSync Client app.



This is available in Tonido release 2.30 available today on all platforms Windows, Linux, Mac and TonidoPlug.

Current Limitations:

During the beta, there is a limit of 250 MB for sync that is allowed and the maximum file size you can synchronize will be limited to 20 MB. Also, since it is in Beta, we request that you keep backup copies of your data when using it.

As usual, please keep the support, feedback and comments coming.

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  1. Leba says:

    Wow Thanks guys, i remember posting about this and now you built me a client sweet thank you 🙂
    Proof if ever it was needed you do listen to your customers:

  2. Shawn says:

    A nice addition 🙂 Is there a plan to allow for larger capacities – both overall and per-file?

    Also, in a LAN environment, is the sync’d data kept on the LAN, or does it go out across the Internet?

  3. madhan says:

    @Shawn in LAN, everything happens locally, it doesn’t go over the internet.

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  5. Shawn says:

    @madhan Thanks. I knew the other apps did. Just wanted to confirm 🙂

    I am a little puzzled as to why there would be size restrictions in the LAN setting, though.

  6. madhan says:

    @Shawn We are having limits during the beta so that we shake out any issues first.

  7. Shawn says:

    Ah, *responsible* development 🙂

  8. Thomas says:

    This are really great news!

  9. Eric says:

    Having trouble getting it to actually sync.. is there some trick? or does it take a long while before it actually happens.. ive tried resintalling the sync app with no success..

  10. Eric says:

    i should add.. im trying to sync a 100kb jpg file.

  11. Frank says:

    This is very cool!!!! Thank you!!!! Unfortunetly I can not install the sync app on my main PC, are there plans for a Ubuntu 10.04 64 bit version?

  12. agrajag says:

    CodeLathe is happy to announce Tonido Sync, one of the first products of its kind, offering file synchronization without using the Public Cloud. Now sync is truly personal.

    Since ther is no SSL Support, Sync is not ‘truly personal’.
    And relay is not an option, because of slowness.

  13. madhan says:

    @Frank what issue are you having with Ubuntu 64-bit? It should work.

  14. Maat says:

    I as well am not able to install on my 64-bit ubuntu. The package manager gives the error of “Wrong Architecture ‘i386′”, although the file is labeled as i686.

  15. Maat says:

    I already have ia32-libs installed. However, I am attempting to install Sync on a computer that does not have the Tonido software on it in order to communicate with my Plug. Perhaps this is the problem. Does sync only work between computers with Tonido installed?

  16. madhan says:

    no, sync client doesn’t need Tonido installed. In fact it is meant to be installed on a computer without Tonido.
    Does it work with the force install option in dpkg? If it doesn’t, please post on your forums and we will get it fixed.

  17. Frank says:

    @madhan I get the following error: Error: Wrong architecture ‘i386’

  18. madhan says:

    Did you use -force while installing? Please post in our forum.

  19. Frank says:

    I used…
    sudo dpkg -i –force-architecture TonidoSyncSetup_i686.deb
    and received the following…
    dpkg: error processing –force-architecture (–install):
    cannot access archive: No such file or directory
    dpkg: error processing TonidoSyncSetup_i686.deb (–install):
    package architecture (i386) does not match system (amd64)
    Errors were encountered while processing:

  20. Michael says:

    The app is great! But will there be an option to synchronise any document you want on your computer, not only the tonido sync folder?

    Thanks for the good work!

  21. Avi says:

    Unfortunately for me the Ubuntu client will not install on my machines since it is 32bit only and all my machines are 64bit.

  22. cb says:

    Two questions:

    1) Am I able to point TonidoSync to my own DNS? So instead of “MYTONIDO.TONIDOID.COM”, I would point to “MYTONIDO.MYDOMAIN.NET:10001”? I am able to do this with most TonidoPlug-related stuff, but with TonidoSync I get an error that I can’t connect to the server. Using my address works.

    2) How often does TonidoSync sync? I put files in my sync folder on my PC, but I don’t see them show up on my Tonido immediately.

  23. madhan says:

    @cb You should be able to point to your own DNS. Are you running SSL? Sync frequency is low during the beta. It is about 2 minutes.

  24. cb says:

    @madhan: not running SSL, but I can do most things just by pointing to my DNS.

  25. Stephen says:

    when I sync my laptop with my host compute locally in a LAN, I monitor my firewall and saw my hosting computer is communicating with IP address, which is tonido server. I thought the sync suppose to be local LAN and no traffic should be going out to Intenet.

  26. madhan says:

    The first connection is to our service and then it switches to Local if it can.
    If you don’t want that, instead of specifying public URL, just type your tonido LAN address http://192.x.x.x:10001

  27. Eduardo says:

    Works great!!! Please turn it into a final version… I need at least 350 mb to mantein all my doc, pdf, excel, etc. sync!!!!. I´m a huge fan!!! Tonido simplify my life. I need no longer to get my pendrive anywhere I go!!! Now I can use it only as a backup!! Thanks guys!!!

  28. Bob says:

    Looks good however I’m disappointed that you limit the sync to 2GB free / 50GB paid. You have the opportunity to compete effectively against Dropbox but you need to hit them at their weak point (2GB storage limit). Juts my two cents… not sure I’ll get a TonidoPlug if I’m limited to sync size like that; may as well keep using DropBox.

  29. Jean-Luc says:

    that’s cool, very cool 🙂
    But now, what about a client for Android and IOS?

  30. Brent says:

    What I really need is to merge this with a backup solution – if only we had a larger limit of at least 400 GB we’d really have a killer solution!

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