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Quick Tip: Download Whole Folders in Tonido

To download the entire contents of a folder in one shot, browse via the file explorer to the folder you want to download, click on the Actions Context Menu, and click Download. The folder will be zipped and downloaded.


Announcing Tonido Release 2.29

It seems a long time since our last release in April. But we have been real busy since then with a ton of new exciting functionality that is coming down the pipeline. This release is a cleanup as well as a foundation level release which readies the Tonido Platform for new changes going forward. So even though you might find not much user visible changes, there is a ton of changes under the hood.

But first things first, here’s a list of the changes :

New Photos Slideshow

There is a newer and cooler Photo and Slideshow viewer now integrated into the Tonido File Explorer.


USB Drives based navigation (TonidoPlug Only)

To make it easier for our users to tell exactly what drive is on if there are multiple drives, we now show actual drive labels in our file explorer for those attached USB drives. See screenshot below.

And just in case you want to change the label associated with a drive, it is easy to change it via the Tonido File Explorer with a click of a button.




New Beta MediaServer Application  (TonidoPlug Only)

We are introducing a new MediaServer application that will only be available on the TonidoPlug for now, but will become available on other OS’s shortly. The Mediaserver app allows you to choose your media folders to make available in UPnP/DLNA compatible media players. Pretty handy to playback the content you downloaded or was uploaded to your plug. Supported media players include XBOX 360 and Playstation 3. Please note that going forward, the older MediaServer application that was available via the TonidoPlug Admin is no longer supported.



Better Disk management in TonidoPlug: Formatting, Mount, Eject, Disk Label Support

We are making it easier to work with your attached drives, by offering formatting support to your disk drives on your plug. Now you can format your disk as EXT3 or FAT32 right from your plug.


PHP Support in Linux for Apps

With this release, Tonido supports writing PHP Tonido apps in Linux. Note that PHP support is already there in Windows and in the TonidoPlug.

Better IE support

This release officially supports IE9 as well as IE8 properly. Other IE versions are no longer supported.

Better Android Music Playback

A new version of our Android app will accompany this release and will have better music playback across all conditions and be much more robust.

Other Fixed Issues
  • After changing password, restarting Tonido will not login automatically
  • Fix Jukebox “encoder not found”
  • List of apps bought via Tonido store not shown correctly
  • Copy-Paste didn’t work in some cases
  • Add links to mobile apps
  • Better file and folder choosers
  • Fix problems with file downloads
  • Add guards to Torrents to prevent filling up Plug flash
  • And much much more..

Go ahead and upgrade!

And last but not the least, we still are yet to announce 3 more exciting products that are launching shortly following this release.