New Tonido for Blackberry Release

We are happy to release the new version of Blackberry. This release can be downloaded from the Blackberry Appstore and addresses several important updates.

LAN – WAN switch:

Blackberry app will automatically detect if Tonido server is in the same local network and will use the local IP address for much faster access. However, if Tonido server is no longer running in the same local network then blackberry app will automatically start using remote address to access the Tonido server.

Favorites Support:

Blackberry app can now access the Tonido Favorites feature and retrieve the files and folder that have been tagged as favorites. You can also add a file or folder to the Default favorites list.

Favorites List

Favorites List

Favorites Menu

Support to access multi-language files:

You can now access files stored in your computer or TonidoPlug that are named in languages other than English.  However, some East Asian languages need additional font support that must be downloaded from blackberry or your service provider and installed on your Blackberry phone.


All this functionality is provided free of course without any sort of catch. No Ads, No “use X times a month”, No fee and No Gimmicks.

We, however, do ask you to add reviews and ratings to the Appstore :) and let us know your feedback on how we can improve the app via our Forums.

It would also help if you spread the word!

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