Announcing uTorrent Remote – Developed by Jacob Gillespie

CodeLathe is excited to announce the release of a third party Tonido App developed by Jacob Gillespie

µTorrent Remote for Tonido is an application available for Tonido, the personal cloud. The µTorrent Remote allows for the management of a remote µTorrent instance, thus allowing for the remote management of Torrent downloads.

µTorrent Remote utilizes uTorrent’s WebUI service to remotely start, stop, pause, and remote torrents from µTorrent. Torrents may also be added by URL.

Check out some screenshots:




Note: Blog written by Jacob Gillespie, the uTorrent Remote developer.

4 Responses

  1. Leba says:

    Great all it needs now is a feature built in so i can create a torrent and keep it private within friends and i would use this.
    However im sure there are loads of people that use torrents from this provider and will find this app a welcome addition to Tonido so well done mr Developer a great addition to the collection, more please 🙂

  2. chris baker says:

    App released….where? I can not find a link.

  3. madhan says:

    You should find it the list of apps to install. This is windows only btw.

  4. facelessuser says:

    Congrats on the app. Looks very useful. I was always a big fan of utorrent when I used windows.

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