Announcing Tonido Release

This is a rollup patch release fixing several outstanding issues.  There are also several improvements to the UI. But once again what is unseen is actually more significant increasing performance and efficiency for several common operations.

Support for Camera RAW formats

Tonido now not only supports jpeg and png formats, it also supports the following Camera Raw formats, Canon (CR2, CRW), Nikon(NEF), Pentax(PEF) and Sony(ARW).

This is especially useful for Photographers who use cameras and capture and store images in Camera Raw formats. Tonido will show thumbnails and slideshow previews from the RAW images. Webshare shares will also support RAW formats in the image gallery views.

If you don’t know what a Raw image format is a good introduction is here.

Also, upcoming iPhone app update will support Raw format previews as well.

Search listing for specific file or folder name


We all feel the frustration when you open a folder with several hundreds of files and you need to skip page after page to get to the file you want. No longer! We added a handy filter that when you type in will filter the results and only show matches. How easy can it get than that?

Add File options directly in Gallery View


We found it a bit odd that we couldn’t share a file when previewing it or doing other file operations from the gallery view. Now that is fixed as well.

Download of Big Files > 2.2 GB don’t complete correctly

There should no longer be any file download limts except maybe what your ISP enforces. 🙂

Allow Upload of files greater than 1.5 GB

Along with downloads, uploads also don’t have any real limits, other than imposed by your HDD.

Consolidation of Image Thumbnails for Photo Galleries

Previously, image thumbnails stored by Webshare and Explorer were stored separately and were generated separately when required which is extremely inefficient. Now they have been consolidated. Webshare will reuse thumbnails generated by explorer if available. If not available, it will generate one and store it so that it is available for the Explorer to use as well.

The upside of this behavior is that if you view your pictures via the gallery, the thumbs are automatically used without having to wait for them when sharing them. Waste less time waiting for the pictures to show up!

Non-MP3 format like Flac were not working

This was a bug we introduced in a release which broke streaming of Non-MP3 formats on the TonidoPlug. This has been fixed in this release. Sorry about that!

Other Bug Fixes

  • Music streaming doesn’t work for files with international characters
  • Download Files not working via Torrent
  • Torrent shows incorrect total upload/download
  • Add support for M4b file format
  • Money App fails to install on Mac OSX
  • Set MIME type for Zip files
  • IE9 now is switched to compatibility mode
  • Added new Bulgarian language support
  • Fix iPhone streaming of MP3 from TonidoPlug
  • Fix update problems with PHP apps
  • Cannot see jpgs when root folder starts with # or ‘
  • Ensure that when PHP app gets suspended, it no longer is accessible
  • and more…

And finally, we wanted to thank you all for the fantastic words of encouragement and support.


4 Responses

  1. Olivier says:


    thanks for this new release with amazing feature 🙂

    When it comes to thumbnail, I still find the thumbnails generation SO slow on a plug that there should be some options to generate them in the background whenever the plug is not used. Till now, I haven’t been able to view the picture on my plug because of that (except for small album of few pictures).

    Thanks for your work !


  2. madhan says:

    Yes thanks for the feedback. We are aware of this. We will look into adding support for this.

  3. James B. says:

    Please support The DNG file format. It’s an open standard raw format. I convert all my raw files to DNG to assure future compatibility.

    Thanks for such a great product. I look forward to all future development and enhancement.

  4. Don says:

    I love that filter in the folder listing. Great idea!

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