Announcing Tonido Fitness App – Developed by David Woodfield

Fitness+ – A new way of tracking your workouts.

I am very proud to be able announce the release of Fitness+ v1.0! Fitness+ is a free application which lets you keep track of your exercises. Below is some more information about the application, available on Tonido.


Let’s face it, getting around to exercising often is often quite hard to do. Even when you do start exercising, how do you go about tracking your progress? What about when you go on a business trip or vacation? The solution to this problem is Fitness+. With Fitness+, you can track your exercises (running, walking, biking and swimming) wherever you have a browser and can connect to Tonido.

Fitness+ lets you log your workouts, letting you customize your workout with your distance, start time, duration and description. A simple and clean layout makes logging your workouts a quick and easy process!


Viewing your total stats couldn’t be easier with a tabbed layout that breaks your workouts down into their specific categories. See information such as total distances, total time, average distances and more.


Be sure to keep watching for updates as we have a number of really cool new features planned! If you have any questions or comments, be sure email me at

OS Supported: Windows, TonidoPlug
Installation: Log into Tonido -> Click on Applications -> Click Install tab -> Install Fitness+ -> Activate Fitness+

Note: Blog written by David Woodfield , the Tonido Fitness+ developer.

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  1. Richard D. Wallace says:

    Your program looks very interesting, with a customizable workout program this will surely be very useful to keep track on your exercise routines and progress. Most peoples usually leaves their work out programs on their local gyms so whenever they are out of town they usually becomes helpless without it and becomes an excuse to skip on exercising. With this not only you will get the benefit of monitoring your progress you will also be to keep your motivation wherever you are!

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