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TonidoPlug Patch Release:

We just released a hot-fix release for the TonidoPlug to fix a critical issue.

What is the Issue?

If you have any PHP apps (Fitness, TonidoShell) installed and then you unplug your HDD connected to your TonidoPlug, then the Web UI will become unavailable.

Which Platforms are affected?

This affects only the TonidoPlug and has no effect on Windows/Linux/Mac.

Do I need to Update?

If you don’t have any PHP apps installed, you don’t need to do anything. If you do have some PHP apps installed, then it is recommended you update to this version.

Announcing Tonido Fitness App – Developed by David Woodfield

Fitness+ – A new way of tracking your workouts.

I am very proud to be able announce the release of Fitness+ v1.0! Fitness+ is a free application which lets you keep track of your exercises. Below is some more information about the application, available on Tonido.


Let’s face it, getting around to exercising often is often quite hard to do. Even when you do start exercising, how do you go about tracking your progress? What about when you go on a business trip or vacation? The solution to this problem is Fitness+. With Fitness+, you can track your exercises (running, walking, biking and swimming) wherever you have a browser and can connect to Tonido.

Fitness+ lets you log your workouts, letting you customize your workout with your distance, start time, duration and description. A simple and clean layout makes logging your workouts a quick and easy process!


Viewing your total stats couldn’t be easier with a tabbed layout that breaks your workouts down into their specific categories. See information such as total distances, total time, average distances and more.


Be sure to keep watching for updates as we have a number of really cool new features planned! If you have any questions or comments, be sure email me at

OS Supported: Windows, TonidoPlug
Installation: Log into Tonido -> Click on Applications -> Click Install tab -> Install Fitness+ -> Activate Fitness+

Note: Blog written by David Woodfield , the Tonido Fitness+ developer.

Announcing Tonido Shell App – Developed by Isaac Muse

CodeLathe is excited to announce the release of a third party Tonido App developed by Isaac Muse

Tonido shell is a new application for the Tonido Plug that allows the user to access the plug via command line through a web browser. The Tonido Plug already has a lot of great applications that can do a lot of neat things. Tonido Explorer is a great file manager, but sometimes the task at hand requires a little bit more versatility.


If Tonido Explorer were the fun friend who loves to stream music, look at pictures, and play movies, Tonido Shell would be the friend who likes to get work done! Tonido Shell allows the user to perform tasks as if he/she had access to an actual shell on the plug. The user can run scripts, perform actions on files/folders using patterns, change file permissions, unmount/mount a drive, etc.

Tonido Shell also uses the Tonido API to allow the uploading and downloading of files so the user does not have to switch between Tonido Explorer and Tonido Shell unnecessarily while trying to get something done. If you need to upload a script you wrote to run on the plug, you can do it directly through Tonido Shell.


Tonido shell also allows the user to customize the shell colors for that personal touch.

Now there are a couple of limitations. Tonido Shell is not a real shell with a real open session. Basically, all commands/scripts must be able to complete in 30 seconds and cannot require user interaction. If you really need to run a script or command that takes a long time, there are special workarounds that can allow for this that are documented in the user manual.


Tonido Shell also has more features planned in the future. So if you need to perform some script-fu on your plug, and you don’t have access to or want to use SSH, Tonido Shell provides a familiar interface from any web browser to access your plug’s command line.

OS Supported: Windows, TonidoPlug
Installation: Log into Tonido -> Click on Applications -> Click Install tab -> Install Tonido Shell -> Activate Tonido Shell

Note: Blog written by Isaac Muse, the Tonido Shell developer.