New Tonido Release 2.26 Highlights

This is a minor bug fix patch release, based on a lot of customer feedback and bug reports.

Downloads now work

  • There were also issues with downloading certain file types. The files would always be opened in the browser’s content player instead of downloading to the desktop. This has been fixed.
  • IE8 downloads did not work. This has been fixed.

Mac OS X Fixes

  • MP4, FLAC playback was problematic. It has been fixed.
  • Tonido plugins not being loaded on some x86_64 releases. This has been fixed.

General Fixes

  • Music Player not playing a music file correctly in some cases
  • Zip files uploaded via Webshare now works correctly.
  • Uploads now work properly on IE8
  • Some minor fixes in Torrent UI
  • Fixes a problem with PHP CGI processes


  • Fixed issue preventing updates in some cases
  • Fixed issue with PHP plugins not getting unloaded properly


2 Responses

  1. billy says:

    flac is broken on the plug with this release – if you care beware

  2. Peter says:


    Absolutely brilliant progam especially the mobile app! Looks great and very easy setup. You are onto something good here.


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