Tonido iPad App

Tonido App has been updated to support iPad and is available in Apple appstore.

The iPad version provides the exact same functions that are provided by v2.0 version of the App. You can read about it here and the documentation is available here.

Here are some of UI screenshots.

One of the more popular feature in v2.0. The ability open downloaded files using other installed apps.


Here is the thumbnail view


And the photo view supporting full swipe based navigation


And ofcourse watching movie (Encoded for iphone/ipod/ipad)


The music player got updated to support iPad UI as well.


Last but not least the vanilla function such as file explorer etc


You can download this to your iPad from Apple appstore and if you already have installed Tonido in compatibility mode, then you can update it to version 2.0.1 to get this version.

As always, please let us know your feedback via our forums and dont forget to rate and review the app at the appstore.

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