Tonido App for iPhone/iPod and iPad v2.0

Hello All Tonidoids,

Continuing the theme of mobile goodness, we, at CodeLathe, are proud to announce that the next generation of Tonido app for iPhone is now available on Apple Appstore.

This update supercharges the app by adding brand new functions and significantly improves earlier functions. And as always it is free!

The documentation for the iPhone app can be downloaded here

In order to use the app, you need to satisfy the following requirements

  1. Tonido server version 2.25 or higher running in Windows, Linux or Mac or Tonido enabled devices such as TonidoPlug.
  2. iPhone , iPod or iPad running iOS4.2 or newer

Some of the salient features of this update are presented below

Tabbed interface with search function:

The new explorer interface has been upgraded and now has thumbnail view,

Search functions etc has been added.


Clicking the detail button (on each row) shows the details regarding the file or folder and the various actions available for that item.

You can see the usual suspects such as “Share“, “Upload photo“, “Create new folder” etc in the action menu plus some new actions have made an appearance in the action menu, namely, “Add to favorites” and “Download to Phone” πŸ™‚

Folder Detail view:


File Detail View:


Favorite link Support

The App can now access the Tonido Favorites feature and retrieve the files and folder that have been tagged as favorites


Updated Photo viewing

The photoviewer of the app has been overhauled and now provides thumbnail views and full screen views photograph with swipe and double tap support.



Over the air transfer of content to the device and access it offline

One of the most exciting features of this release is the ability download files or files of a folder to the device and access it offline! Simply access the detail view of a file or folder and tap the “Download file or folder” option to store it locally! Now that file can be accessed without network! Furthermore, you can also add files to Tonido app using iTunes by dragging and dropping.


Ability to launch downloaded documents with different applications (for example pdf files can be opened with iBooks)

One of the most requested feature is here! Downloaded files can be launched with other installed iOS application. Simply tap the “action” button on the preview page of a file to launch the list of compatible application to launch!


New Music player interface

New music player that is capable of playing files over the network or the files that are saved to the device is now available in the App.

Background play, Locked mode play etc are available as standard ofcourse!


Settings menu added to provide information of the service and control music streaming quality

Network access of songs can be problematic in spotty network conditions. Never fear, you can control the compression quality of the song being streamed over the network (This option was available in the earlier avatar of this app but was simply not well known to users). Files that are already downloaded to the device will be played at full quality of course πŸ™‚

Also,Β  Automatic network detection and use LAN IP in local networks for fast access is now active. This means, if you are connected in same network as the Tonido server, then local IP will be used instead of the relay in which dataΒ  travels all over the world before reaching your phone πŸ™‚


No Chump change !

All this functionality is provided free of course without any sort of catch. No Ads, No “use X times a month”, No fee and No Gimmicks.

We, however, do ask you to add reviews and ratings to the Appstore πŸ™‚ and let us know your feedback on how we can improve the app via our Forums.

It would also help if you spread the word!

3 Responses

  1. paul says:

    I think tonido is great , i’m using it on my pc and i own a tonidoplug… however , the Iphone app is good, but i would like to see a native Ipad app in the near future.
    Are there any plans in that direction?

    keep up the good work !

  2. rydgaze says:

    Yes. We will release a native iPad app as well.

  3. paul says:

    That’s great !!!looking forward to the release….

    best regards,
    A Belgian Tonido Fan!


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