New Tonido Release 2.25 Highlights

Wish you all a happy new year 2011 folks! And what better way to kick off a new year than a brand new Tonido release?

We are happy to announce the first new release for 2011. There are a huge bunch of improvements, some of them visible, some of them not,  but paving the way for the next versions of our mobile apps on Android and iPhones.

New Cleaner Design and Layout

Based on user’s feedback, we constantly strive to make the UI as simple and easy to use as possible. There is a new color scheme and controls for the left hand and right hand panel. This helps make Tonido more easy to use in netbooks and in screens with less real estate. The different views are now highlighted using Tabs and makes it much more prominent and easier to navigate.




Integrated Music Player

The biggest theme in Tonido continues to be ease-of-use, and even though your music was playable in the explorer before, it didn’t offer any kind of functionality comparable to Jukebox. Not anymore, the explorer now contains fully functional music player with all the normal controls found in Jukebox, including track selection, play all songs in a folder, bit rate selection and jumping to now playing location.


Favorites Support

Adding a better music player however requires playlist support. And now Tonido explorer now allows you to create “playlists” via Favorite Folders. You can create a favorite folder and start adding any number of files to it. Once you have added the files you want, you can simply go and play all the files in that favorite folder. It is that easy!

Favorites are not just a convenient playlist mechanism, they allow you collect the useful folder and file locations in your storage in one single place and offers a quick and easy shortcut to them, saving you time in drilling down to a location every single time.




Go ahead and try it, you will love it.

Download Folder Support

You told us and we listened. It is now possible to download whole folders directly from Tonido explorer similar to how WebsharePro download folder support works. Enjoy!


Faster inside LAN

You get faster performance when using the URL inside your network automatically. When you type this URL in your browser, you will get automatically redirected to your LAN IP based address allowing your data to flow directly instead of through our servers.

PHP Support

This does not directly affect user visible functionality, but PHP support is now available for Windows and for the TonidoPlug with this release. This allows developers to write new functionality and add it to Tonido without much effort. We already have some great apps lined up  from some of our thirdparty devs. Look for more announcements on this soon. The end result is much richer functionality delivered via Tonido going forward.

As usual there were a bunch of bug fixes, including minor UI fixes to Torrent and to other parts of the app. You can look at the release notes for more details.

Our pledge to you as our customer still remains the same as always, that is to offer the same kind of support, service and commitment on innovation as always. We love building our product, we hope you love using it, and we request you to help us spread the word and goodness of Tonido!

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  1. geeknam says:

    Awesome. Loves the improvement on the relay service 🙂

  2. psyphi says:


    Since the update I also get the possibility to have Tonido in French. The translation is still not complete (and perfectible) but it was not here formerly.


  3. Sebastian Cork says:

    Fantastic choice in kicking off the new year for Tonido with this release! Here’s to another great year and looking forward to further innovation.

  4. smick says:

    This is absolutely fantastic. Nice work on all this stuff. I never would have thought when I first started using Tonido to get so many updates so quickly over the past months to a year. There have been so many amazing change on all fronts.

  5. kilis says:

    nice one! Still busy with scool and no time to translate 🙁 in latvian tonido

  6. Mike says:

    I won’t lie…whenever I see new CodeLathe items in my Google Reader I get really excited. This is why! You guys are awesome. I really like how Tonido is shaping up…especially on my Plug.

  7. Uwe Schmitt says:

    Ich spreche hier mal auf “deutsch”:
    Ich selbst habe mir einen Tonido-Plug über den “Store” bestellt umd ich muss sagen, dass ich von der Software (in Verbindung mit dem Plug) vollkommen überzeugt bin. Hier gibt es wirklich die “Personal-Cloud”. Alles, was ich möchte, kann ich lokal allen Freunde, Verwandten und Kunden lokal frei geben. Auch kann ich meine Arbeit über den Workspace individuell verwalten, von überall aus. Für mich die Killer-App 2010/2011. Best of goes to: Tonido.

  8. fedora-user says:

    Would love to give it another shot if it worked on fedora 14. With multiple queries on tonido forums, and directly to tonido at twitter no responses forthcoming. Guess tonido is focusing only on tonido plug and its Ubuntu user base with no regard to fedora community. Really sad!

  9. YCarrier says:

    How would you change to use the french version of Tonido? I have read psyphi mentionning this possibility. thanks in advance.

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