New disk mount scheme for early version TonidoPlugs

This is backwards incompatible change that affects users of early versions of TonidoPlugs.
It needs an action from your part if you upgrade to the latest Tonido version 2.12 and later.

For Whom

This blog post is applicable to users of early versions of TonidoPlug, on which the external USB disks are mounted on /media/usb0, /media/usb1 etc.

Note: If your TonidoPlug mounts disks already as /media/disk1part1, /media/disk2part1 etc., then this post is not applicable for you, feel free to skip this blog post.


Users of earlier versions of TonidoPlug might occasionally face an issue with their plugs, when they connect external USB disks. When a USB disk is connected to the plug, the connected disk will be detected and be available as /media/usb0 or /media/usb1 etc.,. This mount scheme will cause issues if you have multiple USB disks connected to the plug (through a USB hub) or single USB disk with multiple partitions connected to the plug.

The problem is that every time you reboot your plug, the USB disks(partitions) will be detected in random order and they might get assigned with different mount paths. This problem can occur even if remove and reinsert the drive(s).


The new Tonido release v2.12.0.12708 for TonidoPlug updates the disk mounting scheme for all TonidoPlugs including the earlier versions.

With this update, your TonidoPlug will start mounting disks with a new naming scheme as /media/diskXpartY.
where, diskXpartY will refer to disk number X and partition number Y.

For example,

disk1part2 will refer to disk number 1 and partition number 2.

By following this scheme, we are ensuring that a disk detected once will always be mounted on the same path no matter when the plug is rebooted or the disk is reinserted.

What is affected:

When early version TonidoPlug users update their software to v2.12.0.12708, all apps will become suspended.

This will not happen immediately after the update., but it will happen only when the plug is rebooted or the USB drive is reconnected to the plug.

This happens because Tonido expects your user data directory to be in /media/usb0 or /media/usb1 (based on your existing configuration) but since the USB disks will not be mounted on these paths anymore, they suspend the applications quoting user data directory unavailability as the reason for suspension.


If this happens on your TonidoPlug, please follow these steps:

1) Goto Tonido UI. Click on ‘Settings‘ on the left-hand side tree navigation. On the settings panel, click on “Account” tab.

2) Change the existing value of “User Data Directory” from /media/usb0 to /media/disk1part1 depending on which USB drive you are using as your Tonido data directory. If you are not sure of this path, navigate using the Tonido explorer UI to find the path where your disk is mounted.

In the following image, I will change my data directory from /media/usb0/Tonido to /media/disk1part1/Tonido.

After changing the value, click on ‘Update‘ button.

Update User Data Directory

3) You need to reboot the plug for the changes to take effect. You can reboot the plug by either recycling power to the plug or by clicking on ‘Reboot TonidoPlug‘ button from the TonidoPlug admin UI.

4) Reactivate all your apps. They should now activate and function normally.


This change also helps us support more features for your USB drives such as showing friendly names including disk manufacturer data.

It might take time for some users to getting used to this new disk naming scheme, and we regret having to make this backwards incompatible change, but this is a change that will make your plugĀ  robust, more use-able and make it also easier for us to support over the coming years.

5 Responses

  1. sk says:

    A couple of changes I had to do:
    1. Modify the mountpoint (to /media/disk1part1) in TonidoPlugAdmin–Disks
    2. Edit last line in /etc/samba/smd.conf, changing the path as above

    This is for Samba file sharing to work in local network.

  2. tuxan says:

    With the new mount scheme disks will be mounted always on /media/diskXpartX.
    After the Tonido SW update, if you reboot or reinsert the USB HDD this should happen. You dont need to do manual mount on /media/disk1part1, unless your disk has GPT partition that is not compatible with manual USB automounter.
    Also the samba configuration file should be regenerated everytime the automounter works.

  3. spoon says:

    I notice that after fixing the user data directory path and rebooting my plug the new mount location (disk1part1) shows up, but also the old mount points show up (usb0, usb1, usb2, etc.). Will these mount locations ever be used for anything or are they just there from the old config files?

  4. Rusty says:

    I had my work cut out to get the torrents app to find my data again, as the path to the d/l data was hard coded into the torrent db; as i found after much investigating:

  5. rikin says:

    it should be nice, all this kind of warning be displayed along side with update button.
    Knowing what is being changed between versions would save lot of time troubleshooting.

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