New Tonido Release Highlights

Among all the things that is going on with Tonido we are here again with a new release. This release has a couple of new features and a bunch of small bug fixes.

Webshare and WebsharePro:

The webshare useraccess UI is revamped. Users can now play an entire folder of mp3 songs directly by accessing the share. For better user experience, the UI will be presented with three views file, gallery and music.

MP3 Player on Webshare

MP3 Player on Webshare



When you connect a HDD to TonidoPlug and it maps to a path it will always map to the same path.  If multiple HDDs are connected to TonidoPlug through a USB hub, each HDD will always be mounted on the same path.

For example, if there are 2 Flash drives one from SANDISK and other from KINGSTON connected to TonidoPlug through a USB hub. TonidoPlug will randomly map SANDISK to disk1part1 path and map KINGSTON to disk2part2 path or viceversa. And, this disk-to-path map is maintained even if the flash drives are disconnected and re-connected again. Click the Clear DiskDB button to remove this mapping.


Please Note: This is backwards incompatible change that affects users of early versions of TonidoPlugs whose USB disks are mounted on locations like /media/usb0, /media/usb1. It needs an action from your part if you upgrade to the latest Tonido version 2.12 and later. Please see the following for more information.

On plugadmin, two new buttons are added

  • Cleanup space – To clean up files under /media/ directory. This is in case the internal disk space of TonidoPlug gets full.
  • Clear DiskDB – This is to clean the list that contains the disk to HDD path mappings.


The torrents UI underwent a couple of enhancements.

  • Torrents UI now supports pagination.
  • UI loading is made more responsive. Torrents will be displayed immediately after adding a new torrent.
  • You can directly go to the folder in explorer view where the torrents are stored from the torrent detail screen.


The categories in Thots will now be arranged alphabetically. Also, when public Thots are searched the private Thots will not be displayed.

Profile Names:

When profile names are using mixed case then there have been some problems accessing that profile using the relay.  After this release, your profile name will always remain in lower case and your display name will reflect what was typed.

Other Changes:

  1. Jukebox will no longer make unnecessary calls to the backend.
  2. Guest Logins will be logged and displayed as part of activity log.
  3. Change password and backupwizard dialog will function.
  4. In websharePro UI the download zip and slideshow will standout.


Please see release notes for complete set of changes.

Thanks for your continuing support and let us know by comments below your feedback!

4 Responses

  1. Matt Sawyers says:

    Holy Cow Batman! A new music player that is iPad compatible?! Woot!

  2. Sebastian says:

    Always a pleasure to see useful functionality added to an already awesome product – and more bugfixes are great. Thanks CodeLathe!

  3. Bryce says:

    This is awesome! I really hope this works. I have two external USB drives connected to my Plug and they get confused all the time. If this corrects that issue I will be so happy!

  4. Nicolas Dedual says:

    Excellent work, guys!

    However, would you mind updating the Fedora version of Tonido? It seems to be still on version (or so appears to say on the RPM). Perhaps the latest version will allow Tonido to run on Fedora 14?

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