Run PmWiki as a Tonido Application

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  1. Awesome, thanks for this. We need more user contributions, keep it up!

  2. kongchi says:

    I’m new to Tonido, it’s really cool. but still, something has to be mentioned.

    The current UI needs some improvements. The design of tonido panel and the design of “” are not in the same level, I think the site is much more beautiful than the panel. It knows what kind of info I need, but the panel just can’t do it, lots of little letters, some infomation just not very clear, maybe just me. And it would be great if u let users choose themes they like.

    And the mobile version got some bugs. but I can’t describe them well, sorry..
    oh, maybe u’d like using a start-up page for iphone.

    one more thing, do I have to be a member of tonido so that I can use it? because the ID kind of public, any one can just guess one and explore the files in the ID-owner’s computer. And what if tonido closed? does that mean I have to give up using it? if not, what shall I do? what about letthing us choose to use tonido ID or not? For example, I got a domain, and I don’t want to share files to anyone else, seems in this situation ID is pretty meaningless. Just saying, consider about it.

    Thanks anyway, for the great service.

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