Announcing PHP support in Tonido

The core philosophy behind Tonido has always been the extension support via addon applications. With a small core and all the functionality provided by apps, users could customize what kind of experience or functionality that interested them the most.

However, writing applications or addons for Tonido required using C++. However, C++ is not an easy language to get into and it makes it even harder when you had to make it work on all the platforms Tonido runs on (Windows, Mac, Linux and TonidoPlug).

But that changes now! Developers can start leveraging one of the most popular web programming languages now to write Tonido Apps.

We are happy to announce PHP development support in Tonido. You can now write apps fully in PHP script. The advantage with PHP is that once written it works unmodified across all the platforms, making development and deployment easier.

Additionally, there is nothing different about writing PHP for Tonido vs Apache or any other webserver. In fact, PHP applications like DocuWiki work automatically under Tonido.

So what exactly will be supported under PHP in Tonido:

  • SQLite Database Support (no MySQL)
  • XML parsing support
  • CURL support
  • File Upload Support

and other standard functions..

As an example, we have a showcase application that demonstrates PHP support in Tonido. This application is called PHPDevPlugin.

The application does a few simple things:

  • Shows php info
  • SQLite DB demo
  • File Uploading
  • Using CURL to search Amazon
  • Using XML to parse Tweets from Tonido’s Twitter account

See below:


On opening the application on the left, you get a list of links that showcase PHP functionality.


And, here’s the classic PHP info page familiar to most PHP devs.


This is just the beginning of the things now possible with Tonido. We hope to see more creative applications coming up in the near term.

Developers interested in seeing this in action can download the following php file to start kicking the tires and playing with it. (Available for Windows, TonidoPlug, other platforms coming shortly). We plan to rollout PHP support in all Tonido installs as part of a update shortly.

1) Tonido PHPDevPlugin Application

Unzip these files into the plugins directory in your Tonido installation. Windows (%APPDATA%\tonido\plugins), TonidoPlug (/root/app/tonido/plugins)

2) Download and Install PHP support for your OS

Windows PHP Support

Unzip this to the tonido install directory (%APPDATA%\tonido)

TonidoPlug PHP Support

Untar this into the tonido directory (/root/app/tonido)

And, don’t forget we still have our developer contest on for the first 3 Tonido Applications. You can even win an iPod Touch.

The contest is open till December 2010.

14 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    So, will apps using MySQL be able to be supported if MySQL is installed on the host computer?

  2. madhan says:

    Yes, that is correct.

  3. Mike says:

    This is great! I’m not very good at programming but I’m interested to see what apps people create. Speaking of DokuWiki…that’s my favorite wiki. How easy would it be to get that working on the plug?

  4. micko says:

    What version of tonido is needed? I have just installed on my arch linux box, and cannot upgrade (there are some errors), and for this version the php plugin does not work. Also, if you would be looking for small, fast, embeddable language in the future, check out
    Anyways, I have just discovered tonido and looks like it is an excellent product!

  5. facelessuser says:

    It is not that hard to get DokuWiki on the Tonido Plug, but it is S..L..O..W. I am not sure if it is the Tonido environment or what. It has slow first initial load, and slow log in, and slow anytime you save something (keep in mind it is slow accessing it from within my personal network).

    I had to use the “Lazy Sunday” DokuWiki release. The Lemmings Release did not even let me log in, but Lazy Sunday did. I also had to modify the PHP.ini file to give a location for sessions to be stored.

    PMwiki worked pretty good though (remotely). It just has a hard time finding links when you are accessing from the internal IP due to the default port 10001 not getting translated into all of the links.

    Mediawiki installed okay with SQL light, but as soon as I tried to access it, it bombed on “unable to determine IP”. Mediawiki is kind of a pig anyways, so I am not surprised.

    So, I am not sure that this preview of PHP gives you complete compatibility to what you would see on a regular http server (at least on the plug), but I think it may be because it is also has Tonido wrapped around it. Nevertheless, I think this is still exciting, and I am sure the good folks at CodeLathe will be tweaking this to work even better.

  6. madhan says:

    @micko you need the latest tonido release at least 2.10

  7. madhan says:

    @facelessuser good to hear PMWiki and Dokuwiki running. You should post in our forums on how to get them going. I am sure other users might be interested.

  8. facelessuser says:

    Yeah, that is my plan. I have a couple more things I want to work out. I want to make it as usable without any/or the least goofy hacks. Most of the work is in the config file, but there are a couple of things I am trying to do to work well with tonido, like feeding Tondio specific variables to the Wiki that you can use to take you back to the tonido admin page or guest page etc.

  9. Camaleo says:

    just discovered Tonido, I am interested in trying the PHPDevPlugin.

    Is it possible to develop on OSX? Can you eventually provide some instructions?

    Thank you so much!

  10. madhan says:

    We will try to release a package for MacOSX as well.

  11. Camaleo says:

    How long it could take?

    Alternatively, is there a Tonido image I can install in a VirtualBox machine?

  12. madhan says:

    You can run Tonido on Windows on a VM.
    We haven’t released PHP yet for Tonido Linux yet.

  13. Camaleo says:

    Ok then I will wait for the Linux/OSX version, but you should extend the contest and give everyone the same time, do you agree?

    Maybe, if I can get a good discount, I can buy the TonidoPlug just to get PHP support.

    I have some ideas about what I can develop and you like to talk you, can you please get in touch by email?


  14. GV says:

    Still supported and functional ?
    The tar for the tonidoplug above
    ————- Patcher: Missing Plugin, must be a script Plugin : plugins/php
    ————- Patcher: Completed: Skipping Bad Manifest in Path : plugins/php

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