New Tonido for Blackberry Release

This release addresses some of the issues that prevent a user from logging-in using Tonido for Blackberry.

After investigating the login issue, we found that some models of the blackberry smartphone stored and read the cookies differently when compared to other models. Version will handle these differences in cookies.

Steps to update to version

  1. From your Blackberry browser, go to
  2. The above path is case-sensitive.
  3. Blackberry will prompt you to replace the existing version.
  4. Click ok to install the new version.
  5. Blackberry will prompt you to restart your phone.

6 Responses

  1. INE says:

    the new release don’t connect, for access tonido behind a firewall is necessary open tonido network port or with WebAccess port (10001) is enough? the connection is from BB Curve 8520


  2. rik van meijeren says:

    Even the new BB App Tonidiid does NOT work @ my Bold 9700…!!

    please help me out….

  3. Ethan Hall says:


    Sent you an email, requesting more details.

  4. trifco says:

    Updated Tonido on my Samsung Vibrant, and on my PC. I can’t pass the error message that the version on Tonido device (PC) is old and needs to be updated. I can successfully access my files via web browser interface, from any PC and from my Samsung Vibrant smartphone.

    What is going on!?

  5. rydgaze says:

    Are you referring to Android build? This announcement is for Blackberry phones. The latest android build requires latest tonido to work correctly.

  6. Vladimir says:

    I find it odd that Codelathe develops chose to develop the BB app using java, rather than develop a generic java app for smartphones (compatible with MIDP BBs, nokias, samsungs, etc).

    It’s sad, I guess I’ll have to roll something of my own.

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