New Tonido Release v2.11.0.12540

This release has a couple of significant new features, but also a lot of changes under the hood. We took the time to clean up every aspect of our UI, to make it more streamlined, better and more consistent. As usual this also has loads of bug fixes and usability enhancements.

Upload to Tonido by sending Email


Tonido has always been accessible via your browser and via native mobile apps, and now we open up a brand new way of interacting with it.Via Email!

You can now send file attachments directly to your Tonido via email. Simply, send email with attachments to your Tonido account name (say  and those attachments show up in your tonido user data directory called “Uploads”.

To make this work, just make sure a valid email address is associated with your Tonido Account (say If it is not, make sure to go set it up in your Tonido Settings->Account Tab. Now, just send email from to your tonido account

How easy is that?

Create new Thots by sending Email

Not only can you upload attachments via email, you can now do more stuff via email.

For example, you can send emails to be added to your Thots application. To do so, simply add “thots” somewhere in the subject like:



thots this is a great day to think


Cogito ergo sum and rest of the email message

This email is now magically changed into a new thot and shows up in your Tonido Thots.

New Jukebox UI

A big visual change in this release is the brand new theme for Jukebox app. This theme integrates more nicely with the rest of Tonido.


Tonido Account Recovery

One of the main issues that customers ran into when they lost their data on a hard drive was that they couldn’t reinstate their original Tonido account name (and the URL).

Now, as long as you have associated a proper Email ID along with your Tonido account, you can recover your account name when you reinstall Tonido. Note that only your account name is recovered, it is not possible to recover any of your Tonido data. So we still recommend making periodic backups of your data.

To recover a old account when you reinstall Tonido, click on “New Account” and choose “Recover Account”



Path Filters

When browsing, it is now possible to remove folders and files that you don’t wish to see from appearing in your listings.

Simply add these paths and names you don’t wish to see anymore into the Settings ->Misc ->Ignore Files or Folders section.


In the above example, I have added 3 entries. Any file or folder that matches this filter will now not show up when you browse via explorer or when you share with someone.

Much improved Performance

We spent a bit of time speeding up UI loading performance. The first time loading might take some time, but subsequent times you load the Tonido site in your browser, you will get much faster and improved loading performance. In most cases almost 2X faster approximately 5 to 7 seconds.

Other Fixes

We added a bunch of fixes to Torrent, Webshare and other apps. The UI uses the same fonts across almost all the apps for consistency and there are many other fixes too numerous to list. You can see the full list of fixes in our release notes.

As always, tell us what you think and more importantly spread the word to all your friends about the goodness of Tonido.

5 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    Keep up the great work! I have spread the word and even got a friend to buy a Plug. 🙂

  2. Kevin says:

    I am currently away from home. Would love yo update, but previous versions did not auto-restart after update. Does this one?

  3. madhan says:

    Sorry not yet on linux or Mac.

  4. JIm c says:

    I Get the following error

    failed to update tonido
    bad role

  5. Matt W says:

    I am loving my tonido plug more and more with every update! I suggest it to friends all the time. Keep up the great work!

    Some features that I would love to see in the future:
    1) Better video streaming interface. Only works in firefox and with a certain version of VLC? Come on… you can do better! 🙂
    2) More features in the mobile app (Android anyways… not sure how iPhone is). I would love to be able to stream my videos to my phone!
    3) The torrent interface is great, but I could never get the firefox plugin to work correctly. I get the popup to begin the download when I click a torrent file, but it never adds it. I always need to add it manually. Support for a Chrome extension would be great too!
    4) The media server streaming. Where to begin…? Mainly, when I add files, make it so I don’t need to restart the service to see them. Also, the autostart never works. I always need to start it manually after a reboot or update. I realize it’s a beta, but this is one of the main reasons I bought the plug so I could stream movies to my PS3. Seems like a very essential feature to me!

    Again, these are just suggestions I’ve come up with along the way. I have been with you guys since day 1 and have loved it the entire time and only more with each update. This was easily one of the best investments I ever made!

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