Tonido on Windows 7 Mobile

We want to offer Tonido in as many mobile platforms as possible, and here is a sneak peek of our upcoming Tonido client on Windows 7 Mobile.



Tonido - Windows 7 Mobile Browsing


Tonido - Windows 7 Mobile Photos


Tonido - Windows 7 Mobile Photo Viewer


Tonido - Windows 7 Mobile Tonido Icon

3 Responses

  1. Salvador Bosque says:

    Estimated release date for a Symbian version? Or J2ME? Many users worldwide own Symbian smartphones, and Tonido should release an app for them also. According to Gartner and IDC Symbian has 40% market share, which means more market share than iPhone and Android together. See

  2. I have a brand new HTC if you need user testing: scott AT scottjanousek DOT com

  3. madhan says:

    Thanks Scott, I just got the Samsung focus as well 🙂

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