Android App Beta 2 – Updated with your feedback

Dear Tonido Users,

First, a big thank you for all your feedback on our Android Beta. We carefully read each one of your comments and we have addressed some of the issues and a few of your enhancement requests in this new version. Here are the changes in Beta 2.

Multiple Music Formats Support
Many of you had requested for multiple music formats support and we have added support for mp3, flac, m4a audio formats.

UI  Feedback to User Actions
Some of you  have expressed that app should provide some UI feedback to user actions and we have addressed that by highlighting the selected row in the explorer and changing the background color when “next” “previous” button is selected.


Folder Selection Highlight


Next Button Highlight

Image Navigation
Two big enhancements requests 1) better images navigation and 2) ability to resize images
To improve navigation, we added more UI feedback to user actions and in addition to that, we have added an option to see the pictures in gallery view.  menu->gallery would generate a scrollable thumbnail view of photos in that folder.  (Please note that viewing gallery for  the first time would be slow since backend would be generating those thumbnails.)


Gallery Menu Option


Gallery View

A “long click” on an image would open image where you can resize the image through pinch. For some phones where pinch doesn’t work,  a scroll motion would open zoom options.

Zoom Out

Zoom In/Out

Inconsistent Behavior in Exit and Home Menu
We received consistent feedback that menu buttons didn’t have consistent behavior across all views. We made
‘Exit’ menu should “logout” but your credentials would not be deleted.
‘Home’ menu should take you to root director in the file explorer

Handling Special Characters
Beta version truncated folder names that had special characters. New version should handle all the special characters

Login Error Message Improvements
Edited some of the error messages so that users get right information and also added a few input validations to help users.

Some issues we couldn’t reproduce especially app crashes when camera menu is selected or some pdf files are opened. We are working on those.

How to Participate in Beta?
For users who have sent emails earlier, we will send you the instructions in an email. New users, please join the following thread in our forum.

Please Do Send Your Feedback
Please feel free to send us lots of feedback our way as it helps us fix issues and test on a variety of phone hardware. Please post in our Tonido on Mobile Forums.

These are exciting times for Tonido, and we thank you for your continuing support.


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