Announcing Tonido Beta for Android

Finally, the wait is over. We are happy to announce Tonido Beta on Android. We know a lot of folks are interested in the app and were waiting for a while for this to get released. So now here it is.

The Tonido Android app supports the following major features:

1. Login into your remote computer (TonidoPlug or a computer that runs Tonido). Tonido Android App remembers your credentials so that you need not re-enter your Tonido login/password every time

2. Browse your files and folders in the remote computer. Open many file formats like Word, Excel, Powerpoint and PDF (You need appropriate apps that open these document types)


3. Quickly browse your pictures

4. Stream your music, and listen to your music in the background


5. Instantly share any file or folder via Tonido Webshare and email the link (Webshare URL)

6. Take a picture using your camera and upload it to remote computer…

To Join the Beta

If you are interested in Beta testing the Tonido Android app, please send a mail to

Don’t Forget the Feedback

Please feel free to send us lots of feedback our way as it helps us fix issues and test on a variety of phone hardware. Internally, we have tested on a couple of hardware models. But more coverage and usage will surely identify problem areas and other improvements to make. Please post in our Tonido on Mobile Forums.

These are exciting times for Tonido, and we thank you for your continuing support.

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