New Tonido Release Highlights

Tonido gets more serious with Media with this release.

Video! Video! Video!

Tonido now does Video!

You can now stream a HUGE variety of video files directly in your browser including flv, mov, mp4, mp4v, m4v, 3gp, 3g2,mpg, mkv, avi, dat, wmv and vob. See an example below:


You get to watch a video in your browser when you double-click the file in the explorer view. Once the video starts playing, double-clicking the video playback area will make it go to full screen. Double-clicking again will exit out of full screen.

If you have a fast enough upload bandwidth, you might be able to view your videos remotely, but otherwise, you might find that your connection is too slow to transmit video.

However, video will work great over the LAN without any issues as long as you use the LAN IP address.

This magic occurs by using two browser plugins. Flash and VLC Plugin. To get VLC browser plugin, you need to download and install the free VLC Player for your OS  (We recommend installing a specific VLC Version 1.0.5, later versions have an issue with full screen mode). You can download VLC 1.0.5 from here.

Music! Music!

Not only video, you can now play any audio file through the file explorer directly. Although Jukebox will provide the best-of -breed user experience for listening to music, the built-in music player allows quick preview of any file before adding to Jukebox first.



Not only is it easier to preview and play back music and video files, you can now preview photo thumbnails in your browser. And not stopping with thumbnails, you can preview a smaller sized image of the image if you want without downloading the entire image. (And in these days of 12 MP cameras, that’s a big deal)



New Thumbnails View

While browsing files, you can switch to Thumb View, which allows an easier way to look at files with clearly marked file type icons.


New Torrent UI

We are slowly working to get all our applications have a uniform style. So Torrent gets a brand new UI.



Multi-File Uploader

Finally, you can select multiple files in one shot and upload all of them in one shot. This new uploader is now part of the Explorer as well as WebsharePro.


Guest Access for Workspace

As highlighted in a previous post, Workspace now gets guests access, so you can collaborate without having them install Tonido.


Switch between List and PhotoGallery View for Folder Shares

Users can now switch a shared folder view from its default (gallery or list) view to another view.


Mobile Support

This release is the minimum required release for our iPhone app coming out shortly.


There are also other minor bug fixes as always, including the ability to do remote deletion by setting a flag in an XML file (for advanced users only).

As always, this is a significant release for Tonido and we hope to get your feedback and comments as you try out this release and we keep working on building Tonido the best Home Server/Remote Access software ever.

Let us know.

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  1. Matt Sawyers says:

    Holy crap guys! I was just talking with some fellow employees about how they should get the TP, can’t wait to tell them about this addition, looks totally awesome! 🙂

  2. Matt Sawyers says:

    btw iPad users will be happy to find that they can stream videos as well (using the certain playable formats 🙂 You’ll have to use the “core” UI though.

  3. Finally, yes! I am rather happy that I bought my TonidoPlug back when I did. I mean – just look at these updates (especially multi-file uploading support, which was was highly sought for).

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