Announcing Tonido Beta For iPhone

A picture’s  worth  a thousand words. What about few screen shots of Tonido iPhone application?







Internally, we have been testing the Tonido iPhone application for last couple of weeks. It is awesome and has become everybody’ s favorite. Now we would like to give an opportunity for our users to beta test drive the Tonido iPhone application.

Update:  Tonido iPhone app is now available from the Apple iPhone App Store. So you will be able to download for free directly. Search for “tonido” in the AppStore. You can find more details here.

7 Responses

  1. This is awesome! Request sent, you guys never stop in you’re efforts for your users. Keep it up!

  2. Matt Sawyers says:

    ditto ^^

    can’t wait to see the app 😀

  3. Kevin says:

    OMG I cant wait!!!!

    Does the music streaming support the iPhone background API??

  4. Madhan says:

    Yes, music streaming will support the background API.

  5. Mike says:

    Aw man, just got rid of my iPhone for a Droid X. How’s the Android version coming along?

  6. Madhan says:

    Getting close to wrapping it up.. A few more things remain to get done.

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