Announcing Tonido Beta for BlackBerry

Tonido is going fully mobile!

We just recently announced our Android app, and now we are  excited to announce a Beta release of our Tonido native application on Blackberry .

So what can you do with the blackberry app?


Browse through the files and folders of the remote computer that has Tonido installed. You get full access to the entire computer.

Launch Tonido in Blackberry

Launch Tonido in Blackberry


Login into Tonido in your Blackberry


Browse your files via Tonido for Blackberry

View Files

Open and view most common file formats including images PDF, Word (DOC, DOCX) , Excel (XLS, XLSX), PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX), Text (txt) etc.

View Files on Blackberry using Tonido

View Files on Blackberry using Tonido

Download and save files to blackberry device

After viewing files, you can even download it and save it locally in your blackberry for quick offline access.

View Pictures

View all your pictures remotely.


View Images in Blackberry

Share viewed Pictures via Email or via MMS

Pictures can then be shared via Email/MMS.

Share a file or a folder through Tonido

If you have Webshare or WebsharePro installed, you can quickly share any file or folder and get a link to that file or folder. This link can then be emailed to anyone to share instantly.


Share Folder or File via Tonido URL

Share your Folder Link via Email Instantly!

Share your Folder Link via Email Instantly!

How to install the Beta App

To install the Tonido Blackberry beta (version on your blackberry mobile, open the link on your blackberry browser.

Click download and install Tonido on blackberry.

Install Tonido on Blackberry

Install Tonido on Blackberry

We tested the app on Blackberry Curve, but we expect it to work on other blackberry mobiles.

If you have problems or feedback, please let us know  via our forums.

7 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    I don’t own a Blackberry but this definitely makes it harder to choose my next phone.

  2. Vera says:

    Just installed Tonido on my blackberry but i can’t access my account through my phone. Help!

  3. Madhan says:

    Could you post in our forums? We will help.

  4. […] a mobile device through a web browser. We are currently building native Tonido apps for iPhone, Blackberry and Android. In the next iteration we can include workspace support in the native mobile apps if […]

  5. For future reference, might be good to add a big link to forums on this page, or make a hyperlnk to the forums so we can help you guys report bugs. 🙂

  6. Installed on Blackberry Torch. Enter my credentials and attempts to login a few times (with the loading progress bar), then bails out of app after unsuccessful login. My credentials appear valid.

  7. Ethan Hall says:


    Emailed you, requesting more details.

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