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I would recommend that you download the free Tonido software for desktops/laptops (pc/mac/linux) and check out the apps that come with it. It has a LOT to offer and there are only few minor differences between the free version’s apps and the version that comes with the plug. (holy narwhal dung, they snuck in a portable usb-drive version since the last time i checked!)

The plug runs Ubuntu Linux and is great because it’s tiny and can be left on 24/7 with minimal power consumption.

My favorite apps are Jukebox (which now plays a huge array of file types) and Webshare (Pro version included on the plug). From a desktop PC you can share files securely with anybody in the world with a simple right-click. You also can browse and download files from a PC you’ve installed it on, provided it’s powered on and online. This is great for me when I need a file for work that’s on my home PC.

The Pro version has an AWESOME feature that lets you mount the drive attached to the plug on any computer (pc, mac, linux) over the internets as a local (or at least local-network) drive. This means you can upload, edit or delete files and folders AND open said files in the program native to the computer you’re using.

I cannot tell you how happy I am that I got the TonidoPlug and how awesome the devs at Codelathe are.

tl;dr Spread the word; for personal cloud computing and NAS, Tonido is the best there is.

Edit:Forgot to mention: THERE’S AN IPHONE APP!!!

Note: Thanks for your confidence. We will work hard to earn our customers  trust and make the Tonido platform the best personal cloud solution out there.

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  1. Kevin says:

    There’s an iphone app? I thought it was just a safari optimized browser? Am I missing something???

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