WordPress and Drupal TonidoPlug Images Released

The TonidoPlug was a great little device with great software. It ran Linux and let you customize it every step of the way. Then came the LAMP image – a simple way to run a full LAMP stack on the inexpensive computer. It was meant for easy, instant access to a fully-configured web suite.

Well, today, we’re proud to announce 2 more members in the TonidoPlug custom image family – the TonidoPlug WordPress image and the TonidoPlug Drupal image!

Both of these images contain the entire LAMP stack (Apache, MySQL, PHP, Webmin, and Tonido), but also include ready-to-use Drupal or WordPress installations. There is absolutely no configuration or installation (besides extracting the image to a USB drive 1GB or larger). Just plug in the USB drive to your TonidoPlug and you’ve got a fully-customizable┬ácontent┬ámanagement system at your fingertips and in single-digit watt usage.

Check out the images at the Tonido Store and read our custom image wiki page here.

5 Responses

  1. manishmahabir says:

    can i access the website from outside my lan through internet using a specific url?

  2. Madhan says:

    @manishmahabir yes

  3. Congratulations! This shows you how advanced the Tonido Plug really is. Turns any box into a web server.

  4. Pizzle says:

    Can’t believe this is discontinued already! Just cause some people can’t figure it out? If Microsoft did that, they would be out of business.

    “Thank you for your interest in our products. Some users without sufficient
    knowledge of Linux are having trouble installing them. Hence, we removed it from our products list to avoid issues.” – Tonido Support Team

  5. Leo says:

    For my Mac desktop use and for sharing home videos online with frineds, if I purchase the Apple 2-TB time capsule which is also an NAS storage drive will I still have the need for the Tonidoplug? If so for which specific purpose?

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