New Tonido Release Highlights

A new release is now available. Here are the major highlights:

Backup Update

Tonido Backup has been fully revamped.  This is backwards incompatible. So note that existing Backup Records will all disappear and you will need to recreate them from scratch.

  • Support for local folder backup: Now you can backup all your files & folders locally in addition to remote backup.
  • Significantly faster in detecting changed files to perform backup (For example, in my system, file changes in a folder containing 55000 files is detected in about 2 minutes)
  • Ability to stop backup activity (and restart will resume backup from the point where the backup was stopped)
  • Simplified backup record creation
  • Improved details of the backup activity displayed in UI (File being transferred, size remaining, number of files remaining etc)

Expanded Music Format Support for Jukebox

Tonido Jukebox now adds support for the following formats FLAC, AAC, M4A, OGG, WMA in addition to existing mp3s.

If you have already added an collection, simply “Resync” to get  files with these extensions to show up.

iPhone playback support for Jukebox Playlists

This is big. It is now possible to stream your playlist songs to your iPhone. Simply visit the iPhone/Mobile UI and you will now see an additional ‘Jukebox’ section and selecting that will list available playlists for you to start playing. You can even change your streaming music quality.  Depending upon your upload bandwidth, this might or might not play smoothly.





Unified Guest View

Simplify sharing by providing a single URL to guest users. will allow your guests to login and see all the content shared with them.



Default Mount as Local Drive

You can now mount your computer’s file system as a local drive without needing to setup a share first in WebsharePro. You still need WebsharePro if you want to provide guest users access to specific parts of your filesystem. But for your own access, you just set up a local drive by using your

  1. URL (
  2. Tonido Username (john) and
  3. Tonido Password

It is pretty simple to set it up.



Sharing Links now separated in Launch View

To make things easier to grok, the sharing related links are now separated out from the main sections. There is also a new link to share your music.


Password Recovery

It is now possible to recover your Tonido Password securely in case you forget it. To avail this feature, you need to set a valid password in your profile settings and when you create a new account, your email is now required. If you forget your password, simply click on “Forgot Password” and your password is reset and a new password is emailed to you the email address provided. Login with this password and change your password to what you want. Please note that your password is still not stored anywhere else other than locally and only *YOU* have access to your Tonido instance. Only the password reset email is sent via our servers.


XML RPC Support for Thots

Tonido Thots is now even more powerful. You can now easily post to your Thots not just using the browser UI, but through any UI interface supporting MetaWeblog  XML-RPC API. For example, you can use Windows w.Bloggar app to post to thots or even use many of the iPhone apps to post to your Thots. For example, see screenshots using BlogWrite Lite App (Free).






Simplified Webshare User Permissions

It is much simpler to set permissions for File shares.


Shortcuts for Mobile Access

If you browse to your Tonido server using an iPhone/iPod/iPad you should automatically get the iPhone/Mobile UI. But you can also get a shortcut to that interface from a normal browser by just using url.

Other Changes

  • Webshare Files, Folders, Photos are now sorted explicitly. Previously, they were not sorted under some conditions.
  • There is now a way to “Activate All Apps” in TonidoAdmin->Apps
  • A default group is now created on Tonido Account creation to make things easier
  • Quickly log out of Tonido using the “Log Out” button in Tonido Admin.
  • There are a few more changes too minor to list.

Please see release notes for complete set of changes.

Thanks for your continuing support and let us know by comments below your feedback!

12 Responses

  1. David Sandey says:

    Very nice update!

    It’s a shame that I didn’t know about the update before I left home. I temporarily deleted my m4a podcast files earlier this morning. Oh well! I’ll just have to redo it all tonight. 😀

    Two things that would make life much easier to me would be the addition of podcast handling and orderable playlists. It wouldn’t make much difference to me if the podcast handling was a separate application or built into Jukebox but it would be sweet to not rely on separate software to download and then sync the files to the TonidoPlug.

    With orderable playlists when I add podcasts to a playlist they are added in an order that I do not define. What I’d like is either to have the order set by the order that I add them to the playlist or for me to be able to reorder them by dragging and dropping.

  2. Stephen Bealer says:

    Wow. Guys – besides showing my support by buying your product (already done!), I don’t know how to thank you enough! U guys r doing excellent work!!

  3. Matt Sawyers says:

    Um, Wow. This is huge. Great update. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  4. Rubik2k says:

    Thanks for your excellent work!!!

  5. Asim Ali says:

    Sadly nothing new for the Torrent app.

  6. Kevin says:

    FANTASTIC update. My favorite thing about Tonido is that it’s a work in progress and that the developers listen to user requests. This product really has evolved, and I LOVE using it as my home server.

    Here’s one way i’m using it, actually. I live in San Francicso, but I am working in India this week and next. I’d like to share my photos with my family and also back them up. I mount my Tonido as a drive, using WebDAV. Then I copy my photos over. Voila! Backed up at home on my server / NAS. Then all I need to do is setup a photo share with Tonido and now all my relatives can see the pictures. Fantastic!

    Here’s a quick feature request that I don’t think would take a developer too long… what about pagination of photos albums? Some of my share with 100+ photos take a long time to load and are a bit cumbersome… The option to paginate would be nice.


  7. Myke says:

    Great work, guys! Please also fix the GWT Exception problems in Workspace. Workspace is pretty much unusable on my Plug right now which is a shame because I really like it.

  8. Wow, excellent update guys. Thank you for all the hard work that you guys have done!

  9. Scott Janousek says:

    What do you put in for username/password with the xmlrpc? Just a typical account?

  10. Madhan says:

    @Scott Yes, just your regular tonido user name (without the and the password.

  11. Rick says:

    I bought a plug a few weeks ago and I finally learned how to use it this weekend. However I have a few questions. In Linux, I’m able to have each member of the family log in separately on our computer. We’re using Ubuntu 9.0.

    I believe you are running the same, but I am unable to set up anything except a primary account, after the root (which doesn’t seem to do anything except show graphs and data), which seems to do most of the things that I would expect a root account to do. However only in webshare can I make another account, which is only readable, but not writable. I hope I’m making sense here. Networking and Linux are not my forte. But how can I make separate accounts so that we can log in separately, keep separate blogs and photos etc? I’m basically trying to get the family to create their own websites eventually and have their own file sharing system.



    PS. I actually like the update. It’s a lot simpler and I really appreciate the extra codecs added.


  12. Madhan says:

    @Rick Can you please post in the forums for questions of this type? It is easier for us to respond.

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