Tonido Backup Update Preview

Tonido applications are continuously improved based on user requirements and it is Tonido Backup’s turn to be on the block.

The next version of Tonido is going to contain significant changes to the Tonido Backup application.

The highlights are

  • Support for local backup. Now you can backup all your files & folders to an external USB disk connected to your computer or to a different hard disk or to a network drive as well as backing up to remote computer.
  • Significantly faster in detecting changed files to perform backup (For example, in my system, file changes in a folder containing 55000 files is detected in about 2 minutes)
  • Ability to stop backup activity (and restart will resume backup from the point where the backup was stopped)
  • Simplified backup record creation
  • Details of the backup activity displayed in UI (File being transferred, size remaining, number of files remaining etc)

Here is a screen-shot showing the details of a Backup in progress. Note that these can change by the time this goes live.

Tonido Backup UI

Tonido Backup UI

Backup Details UI

Backup Details UI

Unfortunately, the new Tonido Backup application is not backwards compatible. This has the following two effects

  • The old Tonido’s Backup records will be lost. New backup records must be created 🙁
  • For Remote Backups, Tonido Backup would require the remote Tonido Peer to be also at the new version

As always, we highly value your opinions, constructive comments. Please let us know via comments, forum posts or feedback.

5 Responses

  1. Jasper says:

    Looks promising guys!

  2. dorjedan says:

    As an avid Tonido Backup user, lack of backward compatibility seems like a small price to pay for these great improvements. Looking forward to the update!

  3. Jasper says:

    Big question remaining is when will we see the update?

  4. Madhan says:

    Next release.. Hopefully in a few weeks.

  5. Kevin says:

    I’m VERY excited to see these updates! I was really struggling to get rsync to work with my Apple Time Capsule. I am hoping that the new Tonido backup application will make it easy for me to backup to my SMB / AFP share! THANK YOU! I am loving Tonido these days.

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