Synchronize Passwords across machines using Tonido WebsharePro

Every website/software/service these days requires some type of registration or login and a password. And every password has some security requirements. Some require atleast 8 characters, some need numbers in them, some need numbers and capital text. The variations are endless. And remembering all those passwords can be quite hard unless you have a system.

Here’s one neat way to store all your passwords securely without having them stored in another third-party service.

Step 1: Download KeePass. KeePass is a nice password storage manager that requires you to remember only one master password.

Step 2: Map a websharepro share as a network drive.

Step 3: Run KeePass, create a new Database and store the database in that network drive.


Step 4: Repeat as needed from other machines you need access to that network drive.

Step 5: There is no step 5!

Any time you edit or create a new password on one computer, it’ll automatically be available from other machines wherever they might be.  There’s a small catch here: KeePass doesn’t automatically update your passwords when it’s open, so if you make a change on one computer and save it, you want to make sure to re-open the database from a different machine before making further changes.

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  1. Oli says:

    If you use KeePass 2.x, you don’t have to worry about closing and re-opening the program if you modify the password database on another computer: KeePass 2.x has a “Synchronize” feature shown here

    You don’t have to explicitly invoke it with File > Synchronize > Synchronize with File…, it will also ask you what you want to do when you File > Save and the file has changed since it was last opened.

    – Oli

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