Mounting Tonido Shares as Local Drives

Tonido software allows you map your folders on remote machines as local drives allowing full drag-and-drop download, upload, in-place edit, rename, copy, paste, move and delete functionality.

This is a great way to manage content and is accomplished by Tonido’s Mount as Local Drive (WebDAV) support. WebDAV is a way to manage files over HTTP, an extension to the normal protocol of the World wide web. You can think of it as something in-between FTP and a network share on your local network.

Enabling Mount as Local Drive in Tonido

Requirements: WebsharePro application on Tonido

  1. Create a normal folder share in WebsharePro and assign users with upload permissions.
  2. After the entry shows up in the shares list, you will see an entry that says “Mount as Local Drive”.
  3. That is it.

Mounting as Local Drive in Windows

Windows’s WebDAV support is spotty and non-conforming, therefore we recommend you use one of the free WebDAV clients to mount your Tonido share as a local drive.

Using NetDrive (Freeware)

  • Download NetDrive from Install it

  • Start NetDrive and in the Window, click on “New Site
  • Enter any name for the Site
  • Enter the full name of the folder share shared via WebsharePro. Note: Make sure you add the trailing ‘/’ at the end. Otherwise it won’t work.
  • Set port as 80
  • Set Server Type as WebDAV
  • Choose the drive letter
  • In the account, enter the user name who has access to this drive and his password and hit “Save“. The connection is now saved as a new site.
  • Hit “Connect“, a new Windows Explorer window opens with that drive letter mapped to your Tonido WebsharePro share
  • Start using your drive

Windows WebDAV Client Alternatives: BitKinex (Free), WebDrive (Paid)

Mounting as Local Drive in MacOSX

Unlike Windows, MacOSX has great support for WebDAV. So you can just connect to your Tonido without using any third-party software.

  • Click Finder or on the desktop. From the Finder menu, select Go -> Connect to Server.

  • This will bring up prompt for your server address. Fill in the URL (add the trailing slash at the end). Press the ‘+’ button to save it as a favorite. Hit connect.

  • Next fill out the prompt for your username and password. You can choose to save the password.

  • That is it. A Finder window will appear with your Tonido Webshare Folder mounted.

Mounting as Local Drive in Linux

You can either use Nautilus or DavFS to mount your share as a drive.

There seems to be a bug in Nautilus which effects the creation and renaming of any files within a WebDAV share. If you attempt to create a file or folder with a name other than the default name, or if you rename a file/folder you may get an error like this:

The item could not be renamed.

Sorry could not rename “untitled folder” to “New name”: Bad Request.

After clicking ‘OK’, if you refresh the window by clicking on the ‘Reload’ button… You will see that the renaming/creation did actually take place.  As annoying as this bug is, it won’t actually stop you from using the WebDav share, just ‘Reload’ after any file or folder activity.

Mounting as Local Drive in iPhone

iPhone has a OneDisk app (Paid) that can access any WebDAV share and cache documents once they are accessed for faster access next time. Choose the “Other Server” option to connect to Tonido.

For more details on this, you can read our documentation.

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