New Tonido Release Highlights

It has been exactly 3 weeks since our last release, but here we are again with significant updates that have been cooking for a while until finally they are ready to ship.

Here’s the list of major changes in this release:

1. Mounting a Tonido WebsharePro Folder share as a drive locally in your machine (BETA)

One of the big updates is beta support for a feature called as WebDAV. WebDAV  allows users to edit and manage files collaboratively on remote web servers. It is a standard and is supported widely on almost all operating systems including Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.

Simply put, WebDAV protocol allows you to manipulate a remote files and folders as if it is a drive on your local file system. You can drag-and-drop upload, use native programs to open files, edit files in place, create directories, rename files and folders etc.

In Tonido, WebDAV will be supported out-of-the-box for folder shares shared via Tonido WebsharePro. Once you select a folder and setup a share and assign users to that share, those users can connect to that share using that URL through any WebDAV compatible client.

The following clients have been tested and known to work at this point.

Windows: NetDrive (Free), BitKinex (Free), WebDrive (Paid)
MacOSX: Mac Finder (Free)
Linux: Nautilus (Free)
: OneDrive (Paid)

It is pretty simple to make WebDAV work.

  1. Share a folder in WebsharePro
  2. Add one or more users and give them permissions to access that share (give upload access so that everything works). This is important because WebDAV will not be enabled for Public shares.
  3. Paste that Share URL in the client of your choice. Make sure you add the ‘/’ at the end. When prompted for password, enter the user name and password. You are done.
Shared Folders are now available for mounting as Local Drives

Shared Folders are now available for mounting as Local Drives

We will post more details on how to setup various clients in a subsequent post, but in Mac OS X, it is as simple as opening Finder->Go->Connect to Server.


The reason we currently don’t support WebDAV through Microsoft Windows Explorer native WebFolders implementation is that it is incredibly buggy and non-conforming. Instead of spending a large amount of time doing workarounds, we decided to release a version so that you can start using it right away.

This is a significant step in user productivity and the usefulness of  Tonido and TonidoPlug for everyday computing.

2. Tonido iPhone WebApp

The primary purpose behind Tonido is to give you access to your information wherever you are or whatever device you use. And today we are happy to say we have our first mobile device support through an iPhone WebApp.

If you now open your Tonido URL say in iPhone’s safari browser you will now use Tonido Explorer app with an iPhone specific UI tailored for quick and easy access to your files. You can also share any file or folder instantly by emailing a link to it using iPhone’s email. It is that easy.

iPhone Tonido Explorer

iPhone Tonido Explorer

If you click on the ‘+‘ button on the bottom of the screen, and click “Add to Home Screen“, you will get a nice looking icon in your iPhone’s App which you can use as a quick shortcut.



We expect to add support for access to other Tonido apps in the future.

3. No more limits on File Upload sizes

Previously, file uploads were limited to amount of memory available on the device. Which meant about 250 MB or so max file upload on the TonidoPlug. There is no longer any file size upload limit. As long as your HTTP connection remains solid you can upload any size file.

4. Real speedy HTTP Downloads

Previously, HTTP downloads were limited by the network speed setting with a max of 2 MB/s. There is no longer any preset limit. HTTP downloads will automatically use the max speed possible through the connection. For example, within a LAN, you will now get download speeds of 6 MB/s to 10 MB/s quite easily.

5. Resume-able HTTP Downloads

HTTP downloads now support a HTTP specification called as “Byte Ranges”. So this means that if you are downloading a large file, it will be possible to resume that file if the connection drops or pause it temporarily without having to download the entire file again.

6. New Webshare/WebsharePro File and Gallery Skins

Tonido is getting an updated look and we started this process with Explorer and now we continue with it to File Sharing and the Photo Gallery views. Much nicer to look at and way consistent with other app styles.

Webshare Photo Gallery

Webshare Photo Gallery


Webshare Folder Share Listing

7. Consolidated Guest Users for Jukebox/Webshare

This consolidates guest user accounts into one single place (accessible from Tonido Admin). Now you can create a single user account and it will now show up in Jukebox or Webshare for assignment. Also, if you create a guest user in Jukebox, that guest automatically becomes available in webshare for sharing files and folders and vice-versa.


Manage Guest Accounts in Tonido Admin


Manage same guests in Jukebox


Manage same guests in Webshare

This is actually step 1 of 2 and we will release a subsequent update which will allow much more easier URLs for guests (something like Once logged in, a guest can see all the stuff shared with him. Removes the need to remember all those different URLs.

and much much more…

As usual there is a bunch of bug fixes and other changes including translations etc. Please see release notes for complete set of changes.

Thanks for your continuing support and let us know by comments below your feedback!

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  1. Mykal says:

    Excellent work, guys! Will there be an Android webapp in the future too?

  2. Malik Sezgin says:

    I have recently bought the mobile phone LG BL40.

    When I connect with its browser to my tonido, the page is accessed without error messages and I also see the tonido log, the sun, in the address bar next to the url, and the name of the respective application.

    However the page is blank white. With the main page and with other application main pages, it is the same. I am also not asked for a password as when I connect from browsers on computers.

    Webshare however worked, also the prompt for a password, hence this note (i.e. it is not the phones browser that is (entirely) responsible apparently.

    Any ideas?


  3. Stephen Bealer says:

    I had the exact same solution on my desktop browser. Adblock was disabling the divs. Do you have any type of ad block on your phone browser?

  4. Madhan says:

    @Malik Webshare pages use straight HTML/JS so it works everywhere. On the otherhand, the main tonido pages use a technology called GWT which works only on the main browsers.

  5. Jim C says:

    yeah I second Mykal
    an android app would be nice

  6. herry says:

    hi how can i download tonido app in iphone.

  7. rydgaze says:

    you don’t need to download any application. just access your tonido address in your iphone and the webapp will load automatically.

  8. Nokia App says:

    ovi store app for nokia phones would be just fantastic. there is over 1000million nokia users.. show them love, will you, please.

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