Dropbox for Photographers – An alternative

If you are a amateur or professional photographer, you probably have GigaBytes of photos in your computer. Dropbox is a no nonsense service to sync photos among your computers and online for safe keeping. It just works. But the problem is that the free account only gives you 2 GB of storage. You need to shell out $9.99 per month for 50 Gigabytes of storage.

If you are looking for an effective and free alternative to Dropbox, Tonido Photos is the answer. Using Tonido Photos you can synchronize your photos among all your computers. Your photos get automatically synchronized among all your computers when you add new photos to your folder. Tonido Photos doesn’t impose any size limit on photos. Hence, you can share high resolution pictures without losing resolution or cropping pictures.

Not only that, Tonido Photos allows you to synchronize the photos collection with your peers as well. If you are a member of a Photography Club, it is a common practice to solicit feedback and suggestions from your fellow members to improve your skills. With Tonido Photos others can comment and provide feedback to your latest snaps.

How does it work? (For curious hackers)

Let’s look a bit under the hood of Tonido Photos to understand how different it is from myriad other offerings. Since Tonido Photos uses the Tonido P2P engine, photos are transferred to other users in a group directly. The photos are NOT relayed, routed, stored in any third party servers. Photos once transferred are available locally and therefore can be accessed without internet connection with little latency.

Tonido Photos- How does it work?

Furthermore, the data transfer is encrypted using AES encryption for maximum security. No configuration is necessary such as port forwarding, router setting changes to make this work as it is all handled by Tonido’s P2P engine. It is as simple as selecting a folder to share with a group. Tonido Photos will do the rest!

So Why use Tonido Photos?

Tonido Photos’ primary mission is to make sharing of photos simple and secure while providing advanced features such as comment/rating/tag sharing capability. While there are specialist applications available in each of these areas, they all have disadvantages that cannot be ignored.

Disadvantages of web based photo applications

Services such as Flickr, Photo.net, Pbase, Photobucket, picasaweb provide easy to share photographs and collaborate over them but not without disadvantages such as

* Photos stored in third party servers with little control on who can view it/download it
* Limits on the size of photo
* Internet connection required to access the photographs
* Photo comments/ratings/tags available publicly
* Service contracts could be changed at anytime
* Service could be discontinued at anytime (for example Sony’s ImageStation)

Disadvantages of desktop applications

Applications such as Picasa focus more on photo organization and have no real capability to share other than to upload to picasaweb (an online location). Applications such as Memeoshare depend on storing the photos in third party servers and suffer from privacy and service interruption issues.

Tonido Photos on the other hand provides complete control on who can access your photo without having to worry about privacy and security considerations. The photos are never stored or routed via third party servers and there is no limit on the size of the photos. The photos are available regardless of internet connectivity because the photos are downloaded right to the hard disk automatically. All comments/ratings/tags are shared ONLY with the group members removing the worry of abuse.

In summary, Tonido Photos is a great app to share and sync your photos with friends and family as well among your computers. If photography is your hobby you owe it yourself to try out Tonido Photos.

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  1. Mykal says:

    I love this ability with Tonido. My only request is to have a “lite” version of Tonido…perhaps just Photos. The reason I say this is because a lot of my family/friends don’t have a need for or even care for everything (*gasp*) that the Tonido suite offers. In fact, the more buttons there are the more complicated it gets for them. A small tiny Tonido app like Dropbox that runs in the background downloading new photos into a Photos directory of their choosing would be excellent.

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