Finally, the winner of Magic Plug is ….

First of all, Let us thank everybody who participated in the contest. We are touched by your overwhelming response. There were several interesting comments. You made our life difficult to select one 🙂 . We have selected 7 comments out of 35 comments which captured the true essence of Tonido. We have selected the winner randomly from that list.

The finalists are:

I mostly use it because I feel like my data is safe and it’s MINE, yet I can share it. I don’t have to worry about 3rd party services losing my data, stealing it, or shutting down. I also like that the developers are passionate about their product. They offer their platform for free in addition to selling innovative hardware such as the TonidoPlug (which I own). Security, Innovation, and Peace of Mind – those are my reasons for running Tonido.

My favorite apps are:
1. Workspace
2. Thots
4. Jukebox (can we get a non-flash version?

This is the best concept since there is the internet/web: private clouds, which are able to communicate with the greater cloud and/or each other, however, completely under the supervision and control of the user, especially when using ssl and considering you can use your own relay/name service. – Malik Sezgin

Well, I use mainly Thots, Webshare, Workspace and Jukebox.
I am away from home a lot, so it is very convenient to have Tonido as a central, always accessable, trustworthy friend who keeps all my data together, like a personal assistant.The feature I would place number 1 is not available though, it is a mailserver with multiple account support (which retrieves mail from several accounts via pop and makes them available via imap and webmail).Maybe one day this will come as well and make my Tonido even better. -Jasper

We have a group that is split up and living in different Latin American countries that needs access to the same pool of documents and photos. They need to have secure access to those docs and photos, and be able to update them from everywhere. – Marty Lange

Tonido combines the advantages of cloud with the ability to control their own data directly. The very limited consumption allows to run it 24 / 7 and, therefore, to access applications from any place and at any time. Personally I will use it to manage my tasks and to share my files. I see a great future for solutions like Tonido. – Antonio

My reason for running Tonido 24×7 is because the TonidoPlug allows me to have a robust personal cloud available at an extremely low energy footprint. I love using Thots on a regular basis (for bookmarks and other interesting tidbits… it’s a quick and easy online notebook, which I love). I enjoy the ability to manage torrents remotely, it is a godsend for me when I’m on my college campus behind firewalls and such. Money is a great recent addition, helping me manage my finances when I don’t always have my checkbook available. And workspace is indispensible to me–I use it to organize my life! I jot down assignments in class into workspace, and use it for time management. Tonido is a wonderful product, and I highly recommend it. – gatesphere

A Tonido would allow our nonprofit team of champions (volunteers, staff, Board, advisory, consultants) to easily share key information and collaborate on JUST the project documents they need to be involved with. We use WinLive to synchronize docs on at least six different computers which is a lot of waste and over redundancy. But we’re not in a place to be setting up and maintaining blade servers. The Tonido brings that power but with the (needed) simplicity of an appliance. Our kids and families would love being able to view photos of the most recent camp or event/gathering. And our team would love not having to edit and upload to our web site or an external sharing site. – Barry

I can share all my baby’s pictures easily with his grandparents in Japan. I don’t even have to think about it. Share the top level photo directory and they can see his life unfold. – smick

Living in a small apartment means that I have limited space. Having notebooks, they aren’t dependably located and I don’t want an ugly monster sitting in a corner sucking power needlessly, paying for my own server at a data center seems rather sillly. I need a solution that fits in between and Windows home server isn’t it. 😉
– Josiah



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  1. Mykal says:

    Congrats, Jasper!

  2. Malik Sezgin says:

    congratulations to all the glorious seven, especially to jasper.

    please tonido-team, consider what he wrote about e-mail services. i wholeheartedly agree with this. e-mail services should become an integral part of workspaces, even if only for the personal workspace.

    keep up the good work…

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