Apple Time Machine & TonidoPlug the match made in heaven !

That’s right! TonidoPlug can now be used to back up your Mac using Time Machine. It’s been tested on Mac OS X 10.6.2 Snow Leopard. The TonidoPlug’s drive doesn’t even have to be HFS formatted – it’s been tested and works on ext2/3, but should also work on NTFS. Just hook up a big drive to your TonidoPlug and follow the guide:

1. Mount the TonidoPlug/MediaDisk share in Finder. Connect as the Guest user.

2. Open a Terminal (/Applications/Utilities/

3. Run this:


4. Make sure Time Machine is turned off, and run in the Terminal:

defaults write TMShowUnsupportedNetworkVolumes 1

5. You’ll need to make a disk image that backups will be stored on – change the “200” to whatever size (in gigabytes) you want the maximum Time Machine Backup space to be. You might also need to change “MediaDisk” to wherever you mounted the TonidoPlug share:

./sh 200 /Volumes/MediaDisk

6. Open up Time Machine in System Preferences and select the MediaDisk drive. Wait for the backup to start and have fun!

Your backup might fail if your computer’s name contains apostrophes (which is default in Mac OS X. Change your computer’s name to something simple (I named mine “Mac” in System Preferences/Sharing) – and re-run the makeImage command.

Note: Posted On behalf of Mike. Thanks mike for a great tutorial 🙂

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