WOW!! 4.5 Stars out of 5 Stars

Last month, we sent out a survey to our TonidoPlug users asking their feedback on Tonido and TonidoPlug. We have received a great response, 178 users completed the survey. (We thank all the users for their time and feedback.) Of the people who completed the survey, over 85% (close to 90%) are happy with TonidoPlug. Given the fact that we are a small company and we are bootstrapping our way, any small pat on our back motivates us.

178 users taking the survey and 85% of them saying they are happy with our products give us enough encouragement to work even harder.

We have read through each of user comments, more carefully the comments from ~10% who said they are not satisfied with TonidoPlug. Users will see more of their inputs reflected in our products, documentation and website. Some of user comments have already made into the product. For example, public access for Thots; we expedited Tonido Money release; we improved first run experience, overall user experience and we are continuously working on improving UX. Users will see more changes and features in coming releases.

Here are some of the comments (my favorite) from users.

“Can’t stress enough how glad I am that I went with Tonido vs. PogoPlug”

“This has got to be one of the most impressive and versatile things I’ve laid hands on”

“Very happy with your excellent technical support”

“Here’s to a great 2010 and I will be eagerly anticipating the new things from Tonido and Codelathe.”

“I really am a true believer in what you guys are doing”

‘You are doing a great job and I love the concept.”

“Awesome job guys, I am VERY impressed. Keep up the good work!”

“Absolutely thrilled with Tonido and TonidoPlug “

” I am a Tonido addict. Great Job “

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