New Tonido Release Highlights

Tonido will help you start 2010 with a bang!

We just released a new Tonido release for all 4 platforms. Windows, Mac, Linux and TonidoPlug. This is a major Tonido release.

Here are the highlights:

1- Click Sharing of Files and Folders (Windows Only)

How many clicks does it take to send a file or folder to someone?

We made it so simple and easy that with Tonido, all it takes is 1-Click. Right click on the file or folder, and select “Tonido 1-Click Share“. That file will be instantly shared and you get a URL ready to share with anyone.

Watch the video below to see it in action.

Note: You will need to download and install the latest Tonido Windows release to get this new feature to show up.

Simplified Launch Page

We are making Tonido easier for people to grok and get into with the simplified launch page.


Explorer Application (Windows, Linux, Mac)

Explorer app is now available for all platforms. It was previously available only for the TonidoPlug.


Explorer allows you to manage your files: copy, rename, delete any of your files/folders remotely. It also has a nice iPhone friendly interface.


  • *Breaking Change* Webshare now stores thumbnail cache in user data directory. So if you have generated thumbnails, you will have recreate the thumbnails again.
  • Ability to share a single file. Previously you could only share folders.
  • Sharing of files is even more simpler with less questions and options to choose from. Just select a file and folder and you are done.
  • Public sharing feature is now available in Webshare.
  • Webshare can share at root drive level.


  • Workspace public calendar is now full featured similar to the calendar used in the private UI.


  • It is now possible to set default search location that will be used for searching
  • Wildcard search now possible.

Torrent Fixes


  • Now shows estimated time to completion for download.
  • Overall upload/download rates are displayed.


  • Ability to change priority of individual torrent files and also prevent downloads of individual files.
  • Enabled DHT. Use settings menu to disable DHT if required.

General Fixes

  • Remote Answer/Qn not asked in the same network


  • More robust detection of whether USB drive is mounted or not. Apps get unloaded if USB drive is removed.
  • Now requires Tonido Data Directory to be set to a USB drive (can be overridden)
  • Checks for atleast 70 MB free space before doing an update.

There are other minor fixes all around too small to mention.

We hope you like this release. Please let us know using comments below.

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  1. Justin says:

    Woo-hoo!!! This looks like a great update and so soon since the last one. You guys are awesome!!! I’ll be digging into the new changes like a kid on his birthday. Keep up the great work!

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