Incredible 2009

It is almost 2 years (Jan 2008) since I quit my job to start CodeLathe and got the team together to build Tonido. It has been an incredible roller coaster ride since then for us with more highs than lows. I wouldn’t claim there were no lows, but the lows always made us appreciate the highs even better.

The biggest impact has been the incredibly positive and encouraging  response by our users, customers and the media. It has really made the difference in us having the ability to weather the many storms we faced.

And by any measure, 2009 was pretty incredible for CodeLathe. It was finally the year in which we released Tonido after working on it night and day the last one and half years. Here’s a quick recap of the 2009 highlights:

March 2009: Released Tonido Beta, with Workspace, Jukebox, Photos, Webshare

Apr 2009: Released Thots, ClipThots FF plugin, TonidoFox FF plugin

May 2009: Released Search

Aug 2009: Released TonidoPlug HW, Tonido went Live, Released Torrent, Explorer, OpenID , WebsharePro apps

Oct 2009: Released Tonido Relay Service

Nov 2009: Released Tonido Application Store support, WebsharePro Drag and Drop Uploader

Dec 2009: Released Backup

The list is phenomenal, but I am sure many of you will be more interested in what is coming next in 2010..

Without spilling all the beans, here’s some of the surefire things you can expect, Money Manager Ex on Tonido, native iPhone app support, more OS support (more Linux Distros) etc. Also expect Tonido 1.0 to finally reach your computer next year. We clearly see what needs to get done to get there.

But even more importantly there will be a huge focus in making Tonido easy and intuitive to use especially by the average non-geek user. So look for a ton of improvements to arrive at a breakneck pace.

Every startup goes through a lot of tough times, soul-searching and challenges, and ultimately, it is the people who are in it as well as around it that makes or breaks it and I am glad to say we are going strong and growing even stronger with each passing day, not only in terms of users and revenue, but also in terms of conviction and a sense of purpose to build a great product that will really change the world.

So thank y’all for a mighty fine 2009!

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