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Incredible 2009

It is almost 2 years (Jan 2008) since I quit my job to start CodeLathe and got the team together to build Tonido. It has been an incredible roller coaster ride since then for us with more highs than lows. I wouldn’t claim there were no lows, but the lows always made us appreciate the highs even better.

The biggest impact has been the incredibly positive and encouraging  response by our users, customers and the media. It has really made the difference in us having the ability to weather the many storms we faced.

And by any measure, 2009 was pretty incredible for CodeLathe. It was finally the year in which we released Tonido after working on it night and day the last one and half years. Here’s a quick recap of the 2009 highlights:

March 2009: Released Tonido Beta, with Workspace, Jukebox, Photos, Webshare

Apr 2009: Released Thots, ClipThots FF plugin, TonidoFox FF plugin

May 2009: Released Search

Aug 2009: Released TonidoPlug HW, Tonido went Live, Released Torrent, Explorer, OpenID , WebsharePro apps

Oct 2009: Released Tonido Relay Service

Nov 2009: Released Tonido Application Store support, WebsharePro Drag and Drop Uploader

Dec 2009: Released Backup

The list is phenomenal, but I am sure many of you will be more interested in what is coming next in 2010..

Without spilling all the beans, here’s some of the surefire things you can expect, Money Manager Ex on Tonido, native iPhone app support, more OS support (more Linux Distros) etc. Also expect Tonido 1.0 to finally reach your computer next year. We clearly see what needs to get done to get there.

But even more importantly there will be a huge focus in making Tonido easy and intuitive to use especially by the average non-geek user. So look for a ton of improvements to arrive at a breakneck pace.

Every startup goes through a lot of tough times, soul-searching and challenges, and ultimately, it is the people who are in it as well as around it that makes or breaks it and I am glad to say we are going strong and growing even stronger with each passing day, not only in terms of users and revenue, but also in terms of conviction and a sense of purpose to build a great product that will really change the world.

So thank y’all for a mighty fine 2009!

The OS is dead, long live the Browser OS

Usually at the start of a new year, various tech pundits take out their crystal globe and after peering at it for a while will come out with their predictions for the future. Here’s mine.

If you have been following many of my blog posts, it probably comes as no surprise to you that my opinion is that the underlying OS is becoming less and less important(for the average user) as more and more functions are moving to the web.

An average user spends more time on the browser than in anything else. Here’s my Wakoopa data if you don’t believe me. Even though I spend a fair bit of time on development, it turns out I spend more than 50% of the time on the internet.

usageYes, you read that right. The blue stuff in the chart is time spent using a browser and you can see it overwhelms everything else.

So it hardly matters whether you are using a Mac, Linux or Windows, your experience is roughly about the same. This actually is the worst thing that can happen to Microsoft Windows and probably the best thing to happen to Linux and Mac.

Google realizes this and came out smartly with the Chrome OS with the stated goal of getting a user quickest from starting a machine to getting them into a browser and online. I am calling this the Browser OS, a modern development of the OS that tailors itself towards the function that most users are using. Quite neat.

This is still not ideal as some users still need to perform various things like interfacing with hardware etc, but I suspect that this will eventually be solved by still using the browser. For example, plugins inside a browser will allow websites to directly interact with computer hardware, so for example, your photos can get directly uploaded to the photo sharing site of your choice as soon as you plug it in into an USB port and so forth.

Believe it or not that day is not long off.

Announcing Tonido Backup – local, offsite and peer-based backup

Tonido Backup application joins the family of utility apps available on all three platforms (Windows, Linux and Intel Mac). With this application, users have the ability to backup data using Tonido from any computer to any remote computer running Tonido regardless of its platform and its location!

Some of the features of the Backup application are

  • Ability to backup file or  folder.
  • Unlimited backups records.
  • No size limit on the amount of data.
  • Ability to set target regardless of the platform (cross platform backup).
  • Ability to schedule backup (Manual, Daily or weekly).
  • Ability to select backup target regardless of its location as it uses Tonido id.
  • Secure encrypted data transfer. All backup data is transferred using Tonido’s built in P2P engine and therefore the data is encrypted.
  • Simple setup (Backup can be set between any two Tonido group members).
Tonido Backup

Tonido Backup

Tonido Backup application is designed to be very simple to setup and use. Tonido Backup allows backup of a file or a folder to any Tonido group member. The backup is incremental and only the changes are transferred keeping the bandwidth usage to a minimum.

Backup action can be set to performed on user input or automatically every day or week.

Under the hood, Tonido Backup application uses the built in P2P engine to perform the data transfer. P2P data transfers are completely encrypted and does not require (for vast majority of cases) any port forwarding .

There is no restriction on the number of backups. You can setup backup of a file/folder to multiple computers to increase redundancy, and furthermore, there  is no size limit to the amount of data that can be backed up using Tonido Backup application!


So what are you waiting for? Download and install Tonido Backup application in your Tonido.

Help on Tonido Backup application is available here.

Let us know your thoughts via Tonido forums!

Marvell Technology Day (MITD) in Pictures

Marvell makes the ARM chips that powers the TonidoPlug and they hosted a Marvell India Technology Day (MITD) event at Hotel Leela Palace, Bangalore, India, on November 10, 2009.  Since I was visiting India at that time, I was able to attend this event and also gave a talk at the Open Source Plug Computing knowledge forum. Thanks to Marvell for the opportunity.

Here are some impressions in pictures.

Keynote Speech


Other Speeches


Plug Computing Knowledge Forum


That is Me


Leela Palace Decor is pretty nice