Uploader client for Tonido WebsharePro

We are happy to announce the new WebsharePro uploader under Apache 2.0 license. Source code for this application is available at the Tonido developer repository.

The current release has binaries for windows.  Since the application is made with platform agnostic development libraries, it will be easier for other developers to improve, extend and migrate the application to other platforms.

A Word on Tonido Webshare and WebsharePro

Webshare is an application that runs on the Tonido platform. It lets users to share files from their home computers and make it available from anywhere on the internet. It lets users create accounts for friends and family thereby giving restricted access based on the identity. You can try the free download from here.

WebsharePro extends the ability of Webshare by allowing upload of files to their home computers from anywhere on the internet. It also makes it easy for users to send and receive files from others. A browser is the only requirement to upload files to remote computer.

Drawbacks with using browser for uploads

It is important to note that there are some drawbacks in using just a browser to send files to another remote computer.

  • When a user wants to upload multiple files, he/she can only upload only one file at a time.
  • Hard to upload a directory and its contents. Contents can be files or sub-folders.
  • It is not possible to perform drag-and-drop of files and folders to be uploaded.

WebsharePro Uploader

To overcome these issues we introduce the new WebsharePro Uploader. This is a standalone native application that is currently released only on windows. Once the application is downloaded and installed, all you need is to specify the Tonido URL, user name, password and you are good to go. You can use the built-in file/folder chooser or drag-and-drop files and folders. Uploader starts uploading them without anymore user attention. Go here for more information on setup, configuration and use of this uploader.


Download Uploader for Windows

If you don’t have WebsharePro, you can also buy it from our Tonido Store.

2 Responses

  1. John Abbott says:

    I talked with support prior to purchasing my TonidoPlug and the one comment that sticks in my mind is: : “Our software just blows the others away.” What you failed to add was “as long as you are using Windows.”

    I represent the largest Linux User group in Texas. When we approached PogoPlug about their attaching their plug as a remote drive the not only gave us software that works but opened up a unit for our testing of that software.

    Based on your propensity to support Windows and not Linux we will be advocating PogoPlug to our membership.

  2. Madhan says:

    @John Our uploader is open source (apache) and source is available for download for anyone to download and compile and use under their favorite Linux distribution.
    Having said that, we will make available a binary for Ubuntu based systems.

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