New Tonido Release Highlights

We just released a new Tonido release for all 4 platforms. Windows, Mac, Linux and TonidoPlug. This is a major release.

UI is 2X faster

  • With gzip encoding support, Tonido UI loads up to 2X faster over remote connections

Tonido Relaying

  • Tonido Relaying Service is available as a beta service in this release. To enable relaying, go to Network->Settings. Once Enabled, simply access your Tonido instance via http://<yourprofile> It is that simple. Please note that when using relay, you will have to disable SSL first if you have enabled it.


Application Store Licensing support

  • It is now possible to buy new applications in the Tonido store and download and activate them via Tonido’s UI.
  • Login into using your store account and buy any new app. (For example WebsharePro)
  • Go to the App Store tab, set your Store credentials
  • Then go to the Install tab and install the new application, activate it. You are done.


There are also a bunch of bug fixes, you can see the full release notes at

Upgrade now!

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