Announcing the Tonido Platform SDK

Our original vision for Tonido was to build an extensible development platform, so we are happy to announce the immediate availability of the Tonido Platform SDK which allows third-party developers to build new applications for Tonido.

With the set of applications that we have released so far, we have only scratched the surface of what can be done using the platform. With the release of the SDK, we want to enable unleashing the widest range of developer creativity. To reach that goal, we have worked hard to make the platform as attractive to developers as possible.

We promised earlier that we will release the platform under a open license and we delivered. The platform SDK is licensed under a liberal Apache License 2.0 with a binary naming clause. The license basically allows developers to build Tonido applications and release it under whatever terms they want to. They can use the SDK to build both free and paid apps without restrictions or conditions.

Tonido App Store coming soon

Also, as developers start working on building apps, we will be opening the Tonido App Store soon. We want to make developer’s lives as easy as possible by making it free to list your apps on the store and making it even simpler to sell your apps there as well to the expanding Tonido user base.

The Tonido app store will be a ready-made sales platform for Tonido app developers as we will handle all the transactions, patching, updating, licensing, plumbing and other tasks so you can just set the price and concentrate on developing great stuff. (and thinking about how to spend the money)

Tonido Early Bird Developer Challenge

To kick start Tonido App Development, we are announcing a Tonido Early Bird Developer Challenge. The first three Tonido apps submitted and approved for inclusion in our Tonido App store will win an Apple iPod Touch 32 GB. To get selected, the app has to satisfy the following four criteria and at least work fully in one OS.

  1. Originality of Concept–Does the application introduce a great new idea; for example, a new angle on applications?
  2. Effective Use of the Tonido Platform–Does the application take advantage of Tonido’s unique and compelling features?
  3. Polish and Appeal–Is the application easy to use and aesthetically appealing?
  4. Indispensability–Is the application compelling and essential, such as a utility a user can’t live without?
iPod Touch Copyright(c) Apple

iPod Touch Copyright(c) Apple

Getting Started with the SDK

The SDK is available via our SVN repository with anonymous read access. Read more about how to get started at our developers portal at Along with the SDK, there are 3 sample applications bundled to get started. A hello world app, a developer API tester app and finally the complete source for Thots application. All samples are also released under the Apache License 2.0, so developers can borrow, adopt code in their own apps. We plan to open source a few more Tonido Apps under liberal license terms as well in the future.

Tonido’s SDK allows devs to target all four platforms, Windows, MacOSX, Ubuntu Linux and TonidoPlug easily.  So if you are careful about the API’s you use it is extremely easy to make your application work seamlessly multi-platform.

Over the coming days we will share more information in our blog and forum about the SDK and add more developer documentation to our developer website. If you have questions, please give us a shout in the developer forum, or send us an email at

So developers, what else are you waiting for? Download the SDK and get started hacking today.

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