New Guy with a New TonidoPlug – Voice of a Happy TonidoPlug Customer

The wait is over; I finally got my Tonido Plug today, courtesy of the UPS.

I plugged it in and was impressed by how easy it was to get running. I didn’t have to hunt around my network (which consists of over 16 devices already) for the Plug; I just went to the url contained in the documentation and was able to get it up on my network and all preliminary setup info set in just a few short minutes.

The biggest surprise for me was the fact that I was able to move a USB drive from my PC to the Plug by just plugging it in. It recognized the NTFS file system and all the folders/files, and served it up in no time. I have a 1TB drive on its way (due to arrive on Thursday) but I wanted to start “playing” with the Plug today. I backed up the data from the USB drive expecting the Plug to format/delete it when I connected it. Imagine my surprise when not only did it not ask to format the new drive, but it found everything on the USB drive and served it right up! I was able to set up a share from my PC to the USB drive in a few short moments, and now it’s as if the USB drive is still attached to my system.

Speed is impressive. The Plug and all of the apps on it are very responsive and fast. I am most impressed with the torrent app. It is very fast, very easy to use, and very efficient. I tested it today with a few torrents, and the results have been stellar.

I have Tonido App installed onto two PC’s in the house and have yet to attach them to the Plug via a group. I don’t know what the benefit of that would be, yet, but I am learning.

I highly recommend getting a Plug. It’s incredibly fast, easy to configure and use, and will use a lot less power than my PC did staying on 24/7 (serving up shares for the family). I will purchase a powered USB hub tomorrow to attach three more USB drives to the Plug, giving me a 1.5 TB storage capability – A Happy Customer.

Thanks Mr.Happy Customer, You made all our efforts worthwhile – Tonido Team.

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  1. Miguel Marcos says:

    Waiting with bated breath for this thing to be sold in Europe!

  2. pealmasa says:

    Eu também 🙂

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