World’s first ever low cost, low-power Peer-to-Peer Device – True Digital Freedom


Yes. TonidoPlug may be the first ever low cost, low-power, personal, p2p device that offers true online freedom. Some of you may know TonidoPlug runs the Tonido platform that allows you to share and sync files, photos, music and media with your peers without relying on third party servers or public online services. What we mean by  “True Online Freedom” here is that except for the initial handshaking of peer devices  your data never travels through our servers,  and all your data is stored in your own storage devices not in ours.

The current trend in computing is to store all your data in cloud aka “third party server” and access it from anywhere. Users are increasingly storing their data on cloud servers without realizing the implications of losing control and privacy of their personal data.  The current trend belies the logic and natural order of things. On one side,  computers are getting powerful and personal storage devices are getting cheaper. But still we are turning the custody of our data to profit seeking entities whose market valuation is dependent on “how much customer data they have in their server” and “how much value they can get off from customer’s data“. They call it as a “Life time value of a Customer”  or ” Lifetime value of your data“.

Also, if you look at the Internet landscape you can realize that few companies monopolize information.  I am not being paranoid here. Information monopolies have serious consequences on how we discourse, share ideas and information and how our thought process can be influenced by selective information filtering. Now for any online business or a news story if it doesn’t come in the first two pages of Google search or News we can safely say that particular piece of information is destined for obscurity.

Tonido and TonidoPlug intend to correct the anomaly (Cloud Service) in the natural order of things (Democratization of internet)  by giving the end users the complete control of their data and at the same time giving anywhere access as cloud services. Now every Tonido user has the freedom to produce and consume the information as they wish without relying on third party servers.

By virtue of owning TonidoPlug, the plug computer becomes a p2p node in growing Tonido private p2p network. Through Tonido’s private p2p network, one can share, sync files, photos, music and media with your peers in few clicks.

So let us build the world’s largest peer-to-peer network without “information monopolies” and which espouses control of your data.

For more Info, please visit TonidoPlug.

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  1. Hans says:

    I’m very hopeful for the Tonidoplug and from the images of it it looks as though you have chosen not to strip off the debug/mini USB board from the product which is great news for consumers and makes your device more flexible than some of the other plug devices released recently!

  2. Madhan says:

    @Hans Actually, the images were old images. Sorry, we don’t have the mini USB connection in the shipping product.

  3. Ankhman says:

    Hans mentioned USB on the product. Do you still have at least a USB slot on the device for connecting a USB Hard Drive? Hope you have USB, otherwise you just lost another customer.

  4. Madhan says:

    @Ankhman Yes, there is a USB port to connect your hard drive or thumb drives for storage. What Hans was talking about was a debug port for hardware debugging.

  5. Ajay says:

    It may be possible to provide a “developer version” of TonidoPlug on Marvell SheevaPlug DevKit and make it available for a few extra $$$

  6. Hans says:

    I’d settle for an arm binary of Tonido so that those of us who can’t work with a ‘locked box’ can at least still run Tonido which is a great app.

    Do you see a release of an arm-compatible Tonido binary being made available?

  7. codemechanic says:

    Hi Hans,
    Yes. The arm compatible binary will be available for sale shortly after we release TonidoPlug.

    Tonido Team

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  10. Madhan says:

    @Hans We are definitely exploring that as a possibility.

  11. Thomas says:

    So why did you remove the mini USB connection?

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