Serving static websites using Tonido

Tonido is chockful of features you may or may not know about. For example,  Tonido has built-in support for serving static HTML websites easily.

To do this:

  1. Create a folder, say “public“, drop in all your HTML files, images, CSS in that folder.
  2. Open Webshare Application, select the public folder and create a new share called “website
  3. Assuming your start page is index.html, then your website location is at http://<TONIDOURL>/app/webshare/share/website/index.html
  4. Send the URL to your friends and family along with the access URL

It is that simple. Now you can host your own websites using Tonido.

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  1. Ajay Matani says:

    How does one publish similarly on a TonidoPlug with external USB Flash Memory mapped on /media/usb0 ?
    I did create a share, but unable to see it. TonidoPlug indicates timeout error.

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