He who controls your information controls your destiny

Yes. It is true. This statement is the fundamental philosophy that guided us to create Tonido.  We have released Tonido beta approximately a month ago. Lot of things happened since then. It is time for introspection for us and also inform our users what exciting things we are working on currently and what to expect from us in near future.

First, The single most fear that we had before releasing Tonido is whether users will understand the  Tonido’s concept , cherish the freedom and independence it offers. That fear is gone now. We have got an overwhelming support for our beta. Users liked the ethos and the principles Tonido stands for. It is a big victory for us. Now it is time for us to concentrate on spreading Tonido and increase the traction to mainstream users. For that we depend on you totally. We request you to give us a chance by spreading Tonido’s message of online freedom and privacy to your friends and family members.

We have had our own share of criticisms. On such criticism is that we emphasize on third party online services shutting down their offerings and leaving users in disarray. Another one is that our statement – “few companies monopolizing everybody’s information”.  Let me make ourselves clear here . We are not against third party servers or cloud services. But our stand is that personal information and private data is better off in your control and in your own computing devices rather than third party servers. What we try to provide our users are priceless freedom and complete control over their data.It is a irrefutable fact that few companies control everybody’s information. It is a fact that every year we see number of  web 2.0 services shutting down their businesses. So while we acknowledge the criticisms we stand by our message. We feel that the message is just and fair.

We are living in an era where change is in every sphere of public activity whether it is politics, business or society.  We are moving from wasteful energy spending to energy conservation, from corporate farms to community farms, from dependency to self sufficiency. Yes the change is in the air. The metamorphosis is happening in every industry whether it is manufacturing, financial or auto sector. But ironically not in the information industry where consumer internet services and personal information are monopolized by few entities. The information monopolies have serious impacts on how society thinks, acts and decides. Moreover it concentrates enormous power with a few profit seeking entities. It doesn’t bode well for the healthy future of our society.

Tonido’s mission –” Empower customers in a connected world” – is not an easy task. We are challenging the status quo. We are trying to change the rules of the game.  We cannot do it alone. As a society each and everyone of us has personal stakes in challenging the information monopoly and bringing our data back to our control, where it rightfully belongs. We need your support to achieve that noble goal. To make your life easier, we are working on some interesting products and applications that will help you to make your switch from third party servers to Tonido.

Tonido SDK

Expect a Tonido SDK release in couple of months. Tonido SDK will help developer community to create  applications on top of open Tonido Platform. First of all our hearty thanks to 40 some developers who signed up for Tonido development mailing list. Now users will have more choice and variety of applications for their varied needs. Also, developers get a cross platform capability that can run application on all the three major OS’es and at the same time frees user from data or vendor lock in. If you are interested in joining Tonido Developer community please subscribe to our mailing list at http://www.tonido.com/what_tonido_platform.html.

Tonido Plug

One drawback that people mentioned about Tonido is that one need to keep their desktop or laptop running 24/7  to access it. Tonido Plug is a perfect solution for the problem.Tonido Plug is a small, low power, low cost home server that allows you to access your apps, files, music and media from anywhere.This green computer consumes 1/10 th of your desktop’s power consumption and available for sub $100 price tag. It has no moving parts and  extremely durable and secure. We will be shortly taking pre-orders for Tonido Plug at http://www.tonidoplug.com.

Tonido for Business

We are also currently working on few applications targeted towards small businesses and enterprises. Pro versions of Tonido workspace and webshare are also on the works.

Tonido for Masses

We are going to release two interesting and useful applications on top of Tonido platform for our regular users shortly.

Tonido Torrent – Web based torrent client that you can use to start and stop torrent from anywhere. Combine Tonido torrent with your Tonido plug you get a low cost torrent server for sub $100. Life can’t get better than that :).

Tonido Search – A desktop search application that allows you to search files in your desktop or home server from anywhere.

As you see a lot of interesting things happening around Tonido. We hope that year 2009 will be an eventful year for Tonido team and its users. With your continued support we also hope to become sustainable by the year end with or without external funding.

Finally, remember the saying –  “He who controls your information controls your destiny“. At Tonido, we want that he to be “YOU”, not a third party online service provider.

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  1. Stephen says:


    Tonido is great, and I’m looking forward to buying a plug if possible. Will you be able to deliver to the UK, and have you got an expected timescale for the first batch?


  2. codemechanic says:

    Hi stephen,
    We are having preliminary talks with the OEM manufacturer to distribute Tonido Plug in Europe. Unfortunately at this time we cant give a timeline of Tonido plug’s availability in Europe. But we will keep u updated.

  3. trevelyan says:

    Respectfully, you guys need tighter message focus. I read most of this post after stumbling here somehow and still have no idea what your product does. The sidebar on the righthand side is particularly unhelpful.

  4. Steve says:

    Will the Tonido plug offer any NAS functions utilizing a USB drive? I’d like the ability to sync it with my PC as a backup.

  5. codemechanic says:

    We have plans to develop a folder sync application for Tonido Plug and Tonido. We don’t anticipate to have the application in the initial release of Tonido Plug. Once it is available you can install it in ur plug.

  6. Madhan says:

    @trevelyan thanks for pointing it out. As we pile more stuff on our website, we sometimes don’t even realise that things might not make that much sense to a new visitor. So after saying that, we just went and cleaned up our message.

  7. codemechanic says:

    Hi Stephen, We have concluded our talks with the manufacturer. Tonido plug will be available in UK. I can give you the timeframe in next couple of weeks

  8. The Doctor says:

    Well said. Reminds me of one of my favorite quotes (fr a game, no less):

    “Beware of he who would deny you access to information, for in his heart he dreams himself your master. ” — Sid Meir’s Alpha Centauri, Peacekeeping Forces, Commissioner Pravin Lal, ‘U.N. Declaration of Rights’

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