Key Requirements of an Issue Tracking System

We have gone through a requirement process to identify the key requirements of an issue tracking system for our personal, p2p application platform –Tonido. Our requirements are pretty generic except that we want to use it as our help desk system and also we want superior email support capabilities. We have evaluated three open source issue tracking systems : Bugzilla, Mantis and Request Tracker. Finally we have chose RT for its superior email functionalities. This requirements will be useful for other tech startups too. That is the reason for this post.

  1. Accessibility: Web, email and command line interface
  2. Ease of use, Multi user capabilities
  3. Track changes to ticket – Ticket history
  4. Nice professional user interface in case if we open our ticket system to outside public
  5. Customizable work flow
  6. Integration with existing tools – subversion, Hudson
  7. Ticket Dependency Support
  8. Create tickets through emails
  9. Fits both internal software bug tracking and for external product support
  10. Reply tickets  and send notifications through emails
  11. Adding Custom Fields
  12. Public / Private Access
  13. Canned Replies or templates
  14. Free and open source

So far, We are happy with the selection of Request Tracker. One minor caveat though… it will be nice if the search interfaces are little simple. Hopefully We will get improvements in forthcoming versions.  Let us know your thoughts..

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  1. Jerrad says:

    Re: searching

    Look at the wiki for customization to make search better. Specifically, there are means of making the simple search field act like a command line (e.g; my modules RTx::Tags and RTx::From, but plenty of others exist) and expose this via OpenSearch/Firefox’s Quicke Searches.

  2. Olivier says:

    I would suggest you to take a look at wats, it may suit your requirements and will smoothly integrate with wordpress :

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