Announcing TonidoFox, a Firefox Extension for Tonido

CodeLathe is proud to announce the general availability of Tonidofox,  a Firefox addon for Tonido. The aim of the plugin is to help automate monitoring tasks for Tonido and provide useful shortcuts for Tonido and its plugin applications. Some of the features of  Tonidofox are

  • Monitor local or remote Tonido server for new messages or group invites
  • Provide easy shortcuts to directly open Tonido applications using right click shortcut

Future versions of Tonidofox will provide greater integration with other Tonido features. Tonidofox is currently supported on Firefox version 3 and higher.

Once installed, Tonidofox will show up as an icon in Firefox’s status bar (Right bottom corner)


The interactions with Tonidofox is via right and left mouseclick on the Tonidofox icon. Right click on Tonidofox will display Popup with option to set Tonido server information and Access Tonido Application shortcut menus.


In order to set the Tonido server information, select the “Set/Change Tonido Server” option.  When no Tonido server is set (as in the case after a fresh install), left click on Tonidofox will also display a dialog box to set the Tonido server information.


Once the Tonido server information is added, Tonidofox will monitor the Tonido server.  Currently, Tonido server monitors for new messages and new group invitations.  Tonidofox icon color will change to indicate whether Tonidofox is able to connect to the Tonidofox server instance, new notifications available or otherwise.


Note that once a new Tonido server information is added, it will take few seconds for Tonidofox icon to change  color because of the periodic checks.

When a message or a invite is received by the Tonido server being monitored by Tonidofox,  the Tonidofox icon will change color to indicate that notification is available. Left clicking on the icon will show additional information.


Tonidofox also supports updates and any new updates to Tonidofox can be easily applied using Firefox’s add on update mechanism. We hope to provide powerful features at regular intervals to enhance the Tonido experiance.

Interested ? You can download Tonidofox here

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