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super programmer

I have always liked super heroes. Their larger-than-life escapades and foibles are fascinating to read about, and offer an escapism so instant and so endearing that it is hard to be aloof. You either hate them or love em.

The only small problem is that you cannot be one.

That is, unless you are a programmer.

What? You might say, how can that programmer, sitting in his arm-chair, resting his hand on a pizza crumb and coke mixed crusted keyboard come even close to the livin-large super hero (or villain) for that matter?

The answer is simple, the programmer slob you see sitting in front of you is the alter-ego or the super hero in disguise. As a dutiful alter-ego, he is a bumbler and socially inept. He even wears owlish eyeglasses. But once he connects to the machine via the keyboard, it is as if he just stepped into the Telephone Booth. Out steps Superman.

It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…It’s Super Programmerman

Yes, programmers are super heroes inside the computer. They have astonishing powers inside the computer.

They can anticipate problems before hand and either bulldoze them out of the way or step through the cracks.  They can lay down a road through a thick forest and through the side of a mountain, avoiding obstacles and problems as nimbly as a mountain goat and as elegant as a ballerina. They can float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.

A programmer unleashed inside a computer loves the feeling of power they get inside that world and the creative ways they can use that power. One time, might require X-Ray vision and another time super-hearing. And same as superheroes, who as they become older, are able to handle bigger villains, programmers too delight in tackling bigger problems and seeing if they can come out unscathed.

Some programmers like programming, some approach it as a job that is somewhat engaging, many approach it because it brings in the dough. But the  programmers who love programming shuffle through their days waiting to get back into the world where they can become super heroes.


Are you one?

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  1. Shan says:

    If I love something then I would spend long hours doing it, right? In another article distinguishing good and bad programmers, I read that programmers who do overtime are “bad”. Do you see the contradiction?

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