Protect your children

Would you let a stranger come into your living room and browse your children’s photo album? If not, why would you use online storage services to share your children’s photos?

Every time you upload your children’s photos online to share with your friends and family, you are exposed to the risk of sharing them with unwanted strangers. Not only are you compromising your personal life, but you are letting the online services index your life.

What I mean by indexing your life is, your online activity is monitored without your knowledge. Please don’t be naive and buy into false claims of online security and privacy made by online services. Just to test your online privacy type in your name in You will get information of the online accounts you have opened and more. I am sure that when you opened those online accounts you wouldn’t have thought about yourself being exposed. These online services are selling your personal information even though they might claim they don’t.

Share your children’s photos with your trusted family and friends, not with everyone. Take control of your digital life in a better and safer way.

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  1. john says: is also a very hepful resource for tracking your online reputation. It tracks more sources on the web than any other engine, so it returns very detailed findings — blog posts, social network profiles, photos, videos, etc. — for more than a billion people online.

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