Tonido Webshare – Share your files to the web directly from your desktop

Previously, we covered the Tonido Platform, which is a personal web application platform that safeguards your online privacy and gives back control of your data. We also covered one of the Tonido’s applications, which is Tonido Jukebox, that will ship with the beta; that allows you to listen to your music collection from anywhere.

Another application that will be part of the Tonido beta is Tonido Webshare. Tonido Webshare allows sharing files in your desktop directly to authorized users using a web browser.

Tonido Webshare attempts to solve the file sharing problem that so often crops up for users. You have a large file that is several hundred megabytes that you want to send to a friend. Or, you want to download files from your machine or lookup a document from a remote location. Unluckily, you also don’t have access to the machine. If you had physical access, you could have solved it easily by a myriad number of ways including using a USB drive.

Webshare solves this problem by allowing you to add specifc folders that you want to make available from a remote location. For security, these folders cannot be accessed directly without credentials. So you need to setup user accounts that can access these folders. Then it is pretty simple after that, users can use their credentials to login and view the folder. They can browse all the files and subfolders in the share and download files as needed.

Tonido Webshare Share

Tonido Webshare Shared Folder

When users actually browse the folder, they see a folder view with information on file type, size and last modified date. They can click on the file name to start a download.

Tonido Webshare File View

Tonido Webshare File View

Dynamic Photo Galleries: Not only does Webshare serve up folders and files, it also can handle photo galleries in a special way. When adding a share, you can optionally choose to make the view a “Photo Gallery” view. Webshare will then present the folder contents as a photo gallery, which you can click on individual pictures to begin a slide show of the pictures in that folder. You can also download individual photos.

Tonido Webshare Photo Gallery

Tonido Webshare Photo Gallery

Built in Access History
:When you share your files via Webshare, the number one question you will want to answer is if these files were accessed, when and by whom. Tonido Webshare shows you a complete file access history including time, the user and the file size downloaded.

Send Shares via Email: Webshare allows you to send email directly with the URL of the share. Start sharing in a few clicks.

Private and Secure:Webshare helps you access and share your files privately. You don’t need to upload your files to an online storage just so that someone can access them. Webshare needs credentials for any access to your shared files. In fact, there is no way to even share files without user credentials.

Shares with Expiry Dates: We understand that people sometimes share folders for a limited time and want to turn it off after some time period. But most often they might forget to do that. Webshare helps by allowing you to set up shares that have an expiry date. Past that date, none of the allowed users can access those shares.

No Size Limits:Most online services have size limits to what you can share or if they don’t they can cost money. Tonido Webshare has no such limitations. File and Folder sizes are only limited by your computer’s hard drive capacity.

No Uploading: Most times, sharing is not a lot of fun, because of the time you need to spend uploading. Once you share a folder with Webshare and send the share to someone, you can share additional files and folders by simply copying them to be inside that shared folder. There is nothing else to do.

On the Internet or the Intranet: Tonido Webshare makes your files accessible whether you want to access them from the internet or from the intranet. You could have Tonido running on your central file or media server and can use Webshare as the interface for your files and media.  Who needs Windows Home Server?

Tonido Webshare is no-nonsense direct file sharing at its simplest and most effective.

Like what you see? Want to check out Tonido Webshare? Get a Tonido Beta Invite.

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